Railgun (Action)

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This is a weapon data page for Action.

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Two-handed fusion] ranged weapon

Hands: 2H
Size: Large
Tech: Fusion
Type: Ranged
Range: Long
Damage: +6 impact
Properties: Armor defeating, auto, great blow, loud, stowed

A long rifle capable of a high volume of accurate fire, the railgun is the standard weapon of a well-equipped army.

Rail guns are magnetic accelerator weapons that hurl thin slivers of magnetic metal at the target at very high velocities. Penetration and striking power are spectacular, rate of fire can be good, and ammunition is cheap and easy to manufacture, which makes these popular military weapons. The price of the weapons themselves and the difficulty of building them makes them uncommon among civilians. In addition, railguns need to be long to work well, making them hard to conceal and transport. Some rail guns are actually coil guns or use other magnetic acceleration models; the technical differences are beyond the average user, and Railgun is the name that stuck.