Rage Alchemist (Apath)

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Unofficial rules compendium

Rage is the ultimate alchemy, turning blood directly into magic!

A rage alchemist uses the alchemist list of extracts as his class spell list. He has no particular affinity for alchemy.

Class Information

This is a bloodrager archetype.

Class: Bloodrager.

Hit Die: d10.

Class Abilities

The rage alchemist has all the class abilities of the bloodrager, except as noted below.

Rage Alchemy (Su)

A rage alchemist uses the power in his blood to create magical effects. These effects are not elixirs, they are cast as regular bloodrager spells, but the rage alchemist uses the alchemist formula list as his spell list. He casts and learns spells, including bloodline spells, just like a regular bloodrager. Charisma is still his spellcasting attribute. A bloodrager can only cast spells from the alchemist extract list up to level 4; extracts of level 5 or higher are not on the rage alchemist's formula list and the rage alchemist cannot use spell trigger or spell completion items based on those spells without resorting to Use Magic Device. This is a modification to the bloodrager's spells ability.