Purple Duck Prestige Archetypes (Apath)

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Unofficial rules compendium

Full Caster



Round 2

  1. Bloodmage
  2. Cyphermage
  3. Darkfire Adept
  4. Davirat
  5. Demoniac
  6. Diabolist
  7. False Priest
  8. Halcyon Mage
  9. Mage of the Third Eye
  10. Mystic Savant
  11. Ren Monolith
  12. Riftwarden
  13. Souldrinker
  14. Tattooed Mystic
  15. Veiled Illusionist


  1. Stormblood
  2. Winter Witch


  1. Darkfire Mage


  1. Cleric Dissident of Dawn
  2. Oracle Divine Assessor
  3. Cleric Divine Scion
  4. Inquisitor Eye of Dawn
  5. Inquisitor FlagellantVS
  6. Inquisitor Gray Warden
  7. Druid Green Faith Acolyte
  8. Inquisitor Hell Knight Inquisitor
  9. Cleric Ib Monolith
  10. Inquisitor Market Inspector
  11. Druid Nature Companion
  12. Oracle Planar Warden
  13. Rage Druid Barbarian/Druid
  14. Rage Prophet Barbarian/Oracle
  15. Cleric Sacred Vindicator
  16. Druid Storm Kindler
  17. Cleric Temple Merchant
  18. Oracle Umbral Agent
  19. Druid Winter Lord

Hell Knight




Core (Published)

  1. Magus Arcane Archer
  2. Arcane Trickster Rogue/Wizard
  3. Rogue Assassin
  4. Blood Mystic Oracle/Sorcerer
  5. Bard Chronicler
  6. Magus Dragon Disciple
  7. DuelistMA
  8. Eldritch Hunter Ranger/Sorcerer
  9. Eldritch Knight Fighter/Wizard
  10. Wizard Loremaster
  11. Druid Mystic Archer
  12. Mystic Theurge Cleric/Wizard
  13. Monk Shadow Monk
  14. Ranger Shadow Ranger
  15. Rogue Shadowdancer

Noble (Published)

Warrior (Published)

  1. Cavalier Celestial Knight
  2. Barbarian Frenzied Liberator
  3. Figher Gold Legionnaire
  4. Ranger Lantern Bearer
  5. Barbarian Living Monolith
  6. Ranger Low TemplarNS
  7. Cavalier Mammoth Lord
  8. Ranger Mammoth RiderNS
  9. Ranger Nature Warden
  10. Barbarian Pit Survivor
  11. Gunslinger Shieldmarshal
  12. Ranger Smuggler Guide
  13. Barbarian Stalwart Defender
  14. Ranger Steel FalconNS
  15. Figher Student of War
  16. Ranger Sun Seeker
  17. Figher Swordlord
  18. Paladin Vindicator
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