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Phaukon, the father of Kord and an impressive Suel hero in his own right, Phaukon is a god of the air and archery. He brings people hope and teaches them to hunt and support themselves; he had an instrumental role in saving many of the Suel after the Invoked Devastation.

Phaulkon (FAHL-kahn) is an active deity, promoting the cause of good and chasing down evil. He concerns himself with all things that happen under the open sky, and is a scholar of artifacts (and how to negate their powers). Father of Kord and second only to him in fighting ability, he is friendly with Aerdrie Faenya (the elven goddess of air and weather), Jascar, and the other gods with portfolios similar to his own. Depicted as a powerful, clean-shaven, bare-chested, wingless man, his holy symbol is a winged human silhouette.

Victory in battle depends upon archery. The sky is the dome over creation, and creatures of the sky are blessed for freeing themselves from the soil. Take the fight to the enemy; do not wait for the encroach of evil The ancient devices of war are best left alone, as their use involves great danger.

Phaulkon's clerics study the sky and clouds for portents, and work to protect the nesting places of flying animals. They teach archery and hunting to common people so they may feed and protect themselves, teach farmers the difference between birds that eat seeds and those that kill seed-eaters, and train soldiers in the more difficult aspects of ranged combat. When rumors of ancient evil magic surface, they seek out the source to make sure the item gets destroyed or at least stays buried. His clerics tend to be wanderers, enjoying living under the open sky and fighting evil where they discover it.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Weapon: Longbow

Action Domains

Air, Animal, Flux, Life, Spiritual.

Pathfinder Domains

Air (Wind), Animal (Feather), Chaos (Azata), Good (Azata), War (Tactics).

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Recite a tale of heroism from memory while weaving a small basket from willow branches and filling the basket with food, money, or other sources of comfort to give to the poor at your next opportunity. Gain a +2 sacred bonus on Reflex saves.


  1. Comfort of Faith (Sp) divine favor 3/day, align weapon (chaos or good only) 2/day, or remove curse 1/day
  2. Avian Assistance (Sp) You can cast summon nature's ally VII once per day, but only to summon flying creatures. You have telepathy range 1000 ft. to summoned creatures, and the effect lasts one minute per HD you have.
  3. Raptor Gaze (Su) Your eyes become the golden eyes of a bird of prey. You gain the ability to ignore all range penalties on Perception checks. This is a sacred bonus.