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Not all barbarians come from the wilderness—some find their mettle in the brawls and contests of the urban jungle. Often of a barbarian heritage, the Street Fighter honed their skills in the riots, gang wars, ritual challenges, and fighting pits of civilization.

Subclass features

All these abilities can be used in or out of rage.

Crowd Control

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, you master moving through crowds and opponents. Crowds never count as difficult ground to you or otherwise impede your movement, and you can move through the space of enemies and bystanders, though enemy spaces are still difficult ground to you. You must still end your movement in a legal space.

Combat Culture

At 3rd level you gain an instinctive understanding of the written and unwritten rules of ritualized combat and sports. You gain proficiency in the History skill. If you are already proficient in this skill, you can choose another skill or language to become proficient with.

You have advantage on Intelligence (History) checks to understand the rules and conventions of ritual challenge, combat, and sports.

Combat Charisma

Beginning at 6th level, you master the art of psyching out your opponent and pulling the cheers of the crowd. You gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill. If you are already proficient in this skill, you can choose another skill or language to become proficient with.

You can take a bonus action to make a Charisma (Intimidation) check against an opponent within 10 ft. of you. The DC is the opponent's passive Charisma (Intimidation) or passive Wisdom Save (the opponent chooses which value to use). If there is an audience to draw cheers from, you have advantage on this check. If you succeed, you can choose to either gain advantage on your next attack against this opponent, or the opponent suffers disadvantage on their next attack against you before the end of your next turn, as if an ally had used the Help action.

Display of Superiority

At 10th level, when you score a critical hit, cause an opponent to become prone, or cause an opponent to become unconscious or dead, you can use your Combat Charisma ability without spending an action and affect all opponents within 10 ft. of you. Use the highest DC among your targets for the roll. The effect applies either on their first attack against any target, or on the next attack by you or any of your allies on the target.

Champion's Challenge

At 14th level, when rolling initiative, you can make a Display of Superiority against all enemies within 30 ft. who can see or hear you.

Designer's Notes

This began as a 5E version of the urban barbarian, but ended up as an expert in ritual combat and challenges. A name change might be in order, but that would also force a change to the lvl 3 ability. I kind of like it as it is.

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