Path of the Extended Fist (Action)

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Students of this path learn how harness their Fu into a tangible force that can be used to strike an opponent without actually touching him, and to defend in the same manner. Masters of this path are said to be able to kill an opponent with barely any movement at all.

Extended Touch

Basic Action

Push an opponent by making a Melee attack that does Strength +3 damage.

A knockback or throw hurls the target one meter per wound point inflicted. If the if the target is thrown, he also loses a shot regaining his balance.

Focused Defense

Triggered Action

Focus your Chi defensively, deflecting blows without any physical contact. Use this when you are about to be damaged by an attack, after the hit is determined. Make a Melee roll with the final damage of the attack as the difficulty. If you make this roll, you are not affected by that attack. Attacks with no damage rating cannot be deflected.

Extended Strike


Your arms seem to stretch, allowing you to strike the enemy form a distance and keeping yourself out of harm's way.

While in this stance, your Dodge against melee is increased by +3.


Trigger Action

You may do damage to an opponent with the slightest of movements, wounding them even as you defend yourself from their attack. Use this power after an opponent has attacked you with Melee but failed hit. He immediately takes damage as if you had struck him, apply his negative outcome as positive outcome on your attack. Base damage is your Chi.

Strike the Gong

Trigger Action (Focus)

When you take a hit, you can use this schtick to become focused.

Bronze Bell Stance

Limit Break, Stance

Create a protective sphere of Fu energy around you. Gain an Armor bonus equal to your Chi for the next round.