Path of the Empty Bottle (Action)

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Heroic Action Role-Play

You have mastered the esoteric art of fighting like a drunk. This makes your movements very distracting and hard to anticipate. You need not actually be drunk to use this path, but it certainly helps.

This path is often considered frivolous, and practitioners may be derided as drunks or wastrels, but in battle it can be very potent.

Drink Like the Devil


You are a master of the ancient and esoteric art of speed-drinking. You can drink alcohol at a prodigious rate, and have an uncanny ability to snatch drinks from others nearby.

Use this as a reaction to the presence of alcohol within reach; this can be either a drink you are carrying yourself, someone else is carrying, or incidental liquor like an open beer barrel or a bottle used as a projectile. You immediately take one Hit from drunkenness, but become focused.

Drunken Fist

Basic Action

Strike an opponent, adding the number of hits you have taken to the attack roll.

Wily Stupor


Add the number of hits you have taken to your dodge for the round. Your dodge will increase as you take additional damage.

Aberrant Spasm

Trigger Action

Use this when attacked. Bump into an opponent within reach; that opponent risks being hit by the attack that triggered Aberrant Spasm. Make a Melee attack roll; the attack has its normal effect against that opponent, based on your attack roll. You can still get hit by the attack.

Drunken Dragon

Limit Break

Spray flaming alcohol for Body +2 for fire damage. This is an Area Attack with a diameter of Chi meters, right in front of you.