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An organization's structure can be further detailed beyond having just an influence rating. This is done similarly to how a character is made up by attributes: Body, Mind, Reflexes, and Move. The sum of these attributes equals the organization's Influence value. Unlike most creatures, an organization tends to have an uneven profile, focusing in one area at the expense of the others.

Each attribute corresponds to a row in the Organization Table. Organizations on each row tend to have their highest value in the corresponding attribute.

It is important to understand that all values are logarithmic. This means that for every 5 points of increase in an attribute value, there is a tenfold increase in the measure of that attribute. The logarithm is called "value", and the corresponding number is called "measure". Adding logarithmic values is the same as multiplying the measure of each value. By adding the values for Body, Mind, Reflexes, and Move to arrive at an organization's final influence value, you are effectively multiplying the measures of each value to arrive at the penetration value.


This is the physical makeup of the organization, most importantly the people it directly employs but also fixed assets, from land to workshops to castles. Body gives the organization strength and durability. This is the attribute of organizations that are powerful and productive. Body is the attribute of the working class, the solid base that produces. Body corresponds to the Earth row of the Organization Table.


Mind is a measure of the organization's immaterial assets, its loyalty, public image, and renown. Mind gives the organization cohesion and spirit. This is the value of organizations that rely on public support. Religion, education, health, the arts, and media in all its forms depend on a high score in Mind. Mind is the attribute of those who provide spiritual succor and moral fiber; populists, clergy, artists, and entertainers. Mind corresponds to the Water row of the Organization Table.


Reflexes is a measure of how agile the organization is, how quickly it can respond, its productivity, how much liquid capital it can procure, how good its information gathering is, and how quickly it can adapt to circumstances. Reflexes gives the organization agility and speed. This is the attribute of organizations that are rich and act but are not seen. Finance and banking thrives on Reflexes, but so do spy rings and intelligence agencies. Reflexes is the attribute of the bourgeois class, those who organize and finance the growth of society. Reflexes corresponds to the Fire row of the Organization Table.


Move measures the outreach of the organization, how global its scope is, how well it can project force in distant areas, and its wide-ranging notoriety. This is the attribute of organizations that are wide-ranging networks. Move gives the organization reach. Diplomats and trade consortia depend on Move, as does shipping and global finance. Move is the attribute of the upper class, who cultivate distant relations, from international knightly orders to the jet set. Move corresponds to the Air row of the Organization Table.