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An occultist works on the fringes of established wizardry, incorporating other magic encountered during life and adventures. This gives the occultist a unique diversity of magic to call upon. More advanced occultism masters the use of magic items and allows the casting of spells without preparation.

Arcane Tradition Abilities

Occult Spell Learning

Starting when you gain this tradition at 2nd level, you can use a scroll add a first level spell that is not on the wizard spell list to your spellbook from a scroll in your possession. Doing so requires an Intelligence check, DC 10 + spell level. On a success the scroll is destroyed and the spell on the scroll is added to your spell book. On a failure, the scroll is destroyed and the spell is not added to your spellbook, but you can try again later with another scroll as long as you have not added all the spells you are allowed to.

At wizard level 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 you can add another non-wizard spell to your spellbook. Each spell must be no higher than one-third your wizard level. These spells count as wizard spells when you prepare and cast them, but other wizards cannot copy them into their spellbooks.

Occult Scroll Use

Beginning at 6th level, you can use spell scrolls to cast spells not on your spell list. Doing so requires an Intelligence check, DC 10 + spell level. If this check fails, the scroll is consumed to no effect.

Occult Spell Book Use

Beginning at 10th level, you can expend spell slots to cast spells in your spellbook that you have not prepared. Doing so takes 1 minute and you must have the spellbook in hand. The spell is otherwise cast normally, with all the normal components and using a spell slot.

Occult Item Use

Beginning at 14th level, you ignore class restrictions on the use of magic items. You must still fulfill restrictions relating to other things, such as level, race, or having a spell on your spell list.

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