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An occult summoner casts psychic spells and manifests the spirits of objects as servants.


Occult summoners have a unique awakened object and can the spirit of this object is his eidolon and empowers his magic. This object usually has a history with the occultist or his family, or might have been a part of important events, a history that is often revealed gradually as the occult summoner advances in power and delves into the occult past.

Class Information

This is a summoner archetype with abilities similar to an occultist.

Alignment: Any.

Hit Die: d8.

Class Features

The occult summoner has all the summoner's class features, except as described here.

Spells (Psychic)

A occult summoner casts psychic spells, which are drawn from the summoner spell list. As a psychic spellcaster, the occult summoner's ability to cast spells in armor is unrestricted and verbal and somatic components are replaced with thought and emotion components respectively.

Add the following spells from the occult summoner's spell list. The occult summoner's must add these to his list of known spells to be able to cast them.

0—(knacks) decrepit disguise OA, detect psychic significance OA, object reading OA, sift APG, telekinetic projectile OA.

1st— alter musical instrument ACG, break APG, charge object OA, detect secret doors, magic aura, mask dweomer APG, peacebond UC, refine improvised weapon ACG, quintessence OA.

2nd— arcane lock, aversion OA, demand offering, OA, effortless armor UC, find traps, UI, make whole, masterwork transformation UM, mirror hideaway ACG, obscure object, pilfering hand UC, silk to steel UM.

3rd— apport objectOA, flame arrow, magic aura (greater), heart of the metal ACG, magic vestment, make whole, object possession (lesser) OA, sessile spirit OA.

4th— unbreakable construct UM, contingent scroll ACG, impossible angles HA, peacebond (greater) UC, spirit bound blade OA, vicarious view UI, wreath of blades UC.

5th— animate objects, awaken construct OA, entrap spirit OA, glimpse of truth UI, object possession OA.

6th— animate objects, call construct UM, control construct UM, legend lore, object possession (greater) OA.

Bonded Object

An occult summoner has a bonded object, like that granted by the wizard's arcane bond class feature. He can use his bonded object to cast any one spell of a level he can cast from his class spell list once per day, even one that is not among his spells known. In addition to the normal effects of losing a bonded object, if he does not have his bonded object worn or in hand, he must pass a concentration check to use his summon monster class feature, DC 20 + the numeral of the summon monster ability used. He cannot summon his eidolon at all without access to his bonded object.

Occult Eidolon

An occult summoner can have any type of eidolon, but he needs his focus item to summon the eidolon. This is a modification to the eidolon ability.

If using Everyman Unchained: Eidolons, the occult summoner usually has a outsider (foo creature or kami), or a construct, ooze, or plant. This is not a restriction, merely thematic choices.

Awaken Spirit

The occult summoner gains the ability to call on and awaken the spirits of objects. This takes the form of a number of bonus feats and abilities tied to these feats. If the occult summoner already knows a feat he gains as a bonus feat, he can choose any other feat as a bonus feat instead.

At first level, he gains Summon Spirit Of Awakening as a bonus feat. Using this ability requires a separate focus item for each creature, a miniature replica of the object the summoned creature looks like.

At 8th level he can gains Lasting Summons as a bonus feat. If he summons a creature he learned to summon through the Summon Spirit Of Awakening feat uses an object appropriate to the creature's form as a focus, he avoids the level increase of Lasting Summons.

At 14th level when he uses the level 8 ability to increase the duration of a creature mentioned in Summon Spirit Of Awakening, he can make the effect instantaneous. If he does so, he has control over the creature for 1 hour/level, thereafter it is free to act as it likes. If the creature has been mistreated during its time of servitude, it is likely to be at least grumpy, and possibly hostile to the occult summoner.

This replaces life link, transposition, and life bond.

Summary of Changed Class Abilities

These abilities of the original class are lost or modified in this archetype:

  • Eidolon
  • Spells
  • Life Link
  • Transposition
  • Life Bond


These feats are highly relevant to the occult summoner.

Lasting Summons (Metamagic)

You can make your summons last for hours.

Benefit: You extend the duration of a summoning spell with a duration of 1 round/level or more to 1 hour/level.

Creatures summoned this way avoid combat if possible but defend themselves if attacked; if they attack, the remaining duration of the spell changes from 1 hour per level to 1 round per level (so if the spell had 5 full hours left, the creature(s) remain in combat for 5 rounds before the spell ends).

Level Increase: +1 (a lasting summons spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level.)

You can use Lasting Summons to summon a creature that will act as a normal summoned creature, but this increases the level increase of the feat to +3.

Special: A summoner can use this to affect his summon monster spell-like ability, reducing the numeral of the summoning ability instead of increasing the effective spell level.

Summon Spirit of Awakening (General)

You can summon spirits to possess mundane objects.

Prerequisites: summon monster or summon nature's ally spell or ability.

Benefit: Add the following creatures to the list you can summon with summon monster and summon nature's ally spells. Using this ability requires a separate focus item for each creature, a miniature replica of the object the summoned creature looks like. You get to select any ability options each creature has, like the construction points of animated objects. This not include any additional options or add-on abilities exceptional creatures of this type might have. You can only give a summoned creature alignment or domain specific abilities if you have that alignment or domain. Spell-like abilities with a duration other than instantaneous used by summoned creatures from this list are dispelled when the summoned creature disappears. Abilities usable on a weekly or longer basis are unavailable to creatures summoned this way.

Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally I

  1. animated object (tiny),
  2. homunculus (poison effect ends when the creature disappears),
  3. leaf rayB4 (no seed),
  4. gourd leshyB3,
  5. poppet (small)AA2,
  6. xtabayB2.

Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally II

  1. animated object (small) (no construction points or hardness),
  2. celedonB5,
  3. jack o' lanternB4,
  4. gourd leshyB4,
  5. gluttongrassB6,
  6. leaf rayB4 (no seed).

Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally III

  1. animated object (small),
  2. foo dogB3,
  3. fungus leshyB3,
  4. koto-furunishiB5,
  5. raktavarna rakshasaB3,
  6. shikigami kamiB3,
  7. soulbound dollB2,
  8. waxwork humanHA (no regeneration).

Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally IV

  1. animated object (medium),
  2. foo lionB3,
  3. guardian scrollB5,
  4. flytrap leshyB5,
  5. gargoyle,
  6. kasa-obake tsukumogami,
  7. scarecrowB2,
  8. seaweed leshyB3,
  9. taxidermic grizzly bearB5.

Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally V

  1. animated object (large),
  2. boroboroton tsukumogamiB5,
  3. graven guardianB3,
  4. kodama kamiB3,
  5. lotus leshyB5,
  6. skinstitchB4,
  7. terra cotta soldierB3.

Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally VI

  1. animated object (huge),
  2. treant (cannot animate trees),
  3. soulbound mannequinB4,
  4. urannagB5,
  5. cephalophoreB4,
  6. tupilaqB3,

Summon nature's ally VII

  1. animated object (gargantuan),
  2. cryptguardB6,
  3. kapreB4,
  4. tophetB3,
  5. tiberolithB4,
  6. zuishin kamiB3.

Summon Monster or Summon Nature's Ally VIII

  1. animated object (colossal),
  2. bonethornB6,
  3. juggernautB4,
  4. soulbound shellB4,
  5. taotiehB3.

Summon nature's ally IX

  1. kikitukB6,
  2. wickermanB4.

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