Nemesis (Action)

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This is a Limitation for Action.



Your fate and purpose is linked to a particular non-player character. You and your nemesis are bound to run across each other again and again, and have a mysterious way of ending up in one-on-one encounters. Your nemesis advances in power as you do, and has an amazing ability to survive and return to fight another day. And should he die, there is always someone else on the sidelines, ready to step in.

The GM has to approve your choice of nemesis; it is generally best to pick a nemesis you've met during play and that proved particularly interesting, memorable, and loathsome.

A Nemesis need not be out to kill you, or even cause you harm. It might be a rival who demands a duel, a one-sided romance, a bumbling cop that causes chaos, or a colleague that is out out to impress you but ends up as a constant obstruction. As long as the nemesis is an NPC foil that pops up to complicate your life and the plot, this is a relevant limitation.