Needle pistol (Action)

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This is a weapon data page for Action.

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Needle Pistol

Two-handed fusion] ranged weapon

Hands: 2H
Size: Small
Tech: Fusion
Type: Ranged
Range: Medium
Damage: +5 Piercing
Properties: Auto, great blow

A personal defense needler capable of impressive amounts of collateral damage.

Needlers are high-power pneumatic guns, firing molecule-thin flechettes like miniature shuriken, either drops, darts or rotating discs. These are fired at subsonic speeds but with a very high rate of fire, creating a stream that chews trough targets like a saw. Darts of frozen liquid or even gas are available that disintegrate in the wound, making the weapon almost untraceable. It is also possible to use poison or acid projectiles. It is possible to modify the spread of certain needlers so that they cause bruises and abrasions rather than cuts, which is useful in civilian and riot suppression modes. The drawback of all needlers is a short range, and they are also somewhat large and bulky..

Obviously these are not military weapons, but rather the tools of assassins, police, hunters and others with special needs.