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The goddess of romance and beauty among the Flan, Myhrissis the aspect of Beory as a young woman, between Ehlonna the child and Berei the mother. She puts garlands in her hair and dances to entice the warriors and hunters of the tribe.

Myhriss (MEE-ris) is shown as a Flan woman just reaching adulthood, a garland of flowers in her hair, or else as a fair-skinned, dark-haired provocative beauty or a sun-blonde tanned woman of approachable prettiness. Her dark-haired form is associated with the whip, her other aspect favors the shortbow. She is friendly and affectionate toward all benign gods but avoids those who are hideous, crude, or hateful. Although Wee Jas dislikes her, Myhriss appreciates the vain Suel goddess for her obvious attractiveness.

Love can cure the world's ills. Quarreling rivals and warring nations can be brought together with a well-placed romance, and beauty can turn the heart of a dumb beast or a despondent tyrant. Beauty is often fragile, so protect it from accidental harm, as the destruction of something beautiful is a great tragedy. Beauty comes in many forms, for even the most evil red dragon is a sight of terrifying splendor when it is on the wing. Celebrate love, affection, romance, and beauty wherever you find it.

Clerics of Myhriss are starry-eyed and always looking for signs of love and beauty in the people and places around them. They bless young lovers, perform marriage ceremonies, create works of art, and travel to see beautiful people and fantastic sights. A few take roles as diplomats, as their looks and charisma make even the most hostile folk stop to listen to them. Some are crusaders against hate and ugliness, seeking out those who destroy love or vanquishing those of repulsive presence.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Weapon: Whip or Shortbow.

Action Domains

Air, Life, Light, Mind, Plant, Spiritual.

Pathfinder Domains

Charm (Normal or Love), Good, Healing, Luck (Curse), Protection.

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Dance, going through the motions of exchanging one dance partner for another, contemplating the virtues and flaws of each. These can be actual physical dance partners or taken from memory or your imagination. If someone invites you to dance during this ritual, you cannot refuse.


  1. Boons of Youth (Sp) sanctuary 3/day, eagle’s splendor 2/day, or archon’s aura 1/day
  2. Rite of Passage (Sp) You gain the power to usher others into a new state of being. Once per day, you can cast greater polymorph on a willing creature. The duration of this effect is permanent until you or the target dismiss the effect or you use this ability again.
  3. Second Chance (Su) Once per day you can cast reincarnate on a willing or helpless living creature. The target falls asleep for a full day and is reincarnated as a younger version of itself. Generate a new 1st-level character of the same race and gender. During the day of sleep, you must take all the target's possession and hand them out as gifts. Other creatures, even creatures close to the target, will be completely unable to see her as the same person, possibly thinking she is a relative or descendant.