Mouse (Action)

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Heroic Action Role-Play

Attributes and Schticks

Body: 3-8
Mind: 4-10
Reflexes: 6-12
Move: 5


Trigger Action

When someone uses a schtick or power within Mind meters of you, you can use this power to temporarily learn that schtick or power. You use it as if it was a schtick even if it is ordinarily a power and can use it until the end of the session or until you use Copycat again.

Down the Hole

Trigger Action (Defense)

Use this when you are either attacked or someone tries to Scan to find you. You gain a +5 bonus to your defensive Dodge and Recon for the current shot.


Trigger Action (Defense)

When you are attacked, you can move your Move in meters and get a +5 bonus to Dodge. If you manage to move out of an area effect in this way, you are safe. If you are not hit and move into concealment, you can try to Sneak as a part of this action.



Mice are among the smallest of all furries, 90 to 130 cm in length. They have big expressive ears, more or less rounded and a long slender furless tail. They have large heads, robust torsos and relatively short limbs.


Mice are small, nimble, and have technical aptitude; they are suited for a lot of maintainable and technology jobs. Rarely aggressive, they talk themselves out of trouble when they can and hide when they cannot.