Monster Rider (Apath)

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Unofficial rules compendium
Level Monster
4 Blink dog
4 Hippogriff
5 Worg
6 Giant eagle
6 Pegasus
7 Giant vulture
7 Hell hound
7 Howler
8 Giant owl
8 Griffon
8 Shadow mastiff
8 Unicorn
9 Leucrotta
9 Manticore
10 Dragonne
10 Wyvern
11 Ahuizotl
13 Kirin
14 Shedu
16 Dragon horse
16 Garuda
16 Sleipnir

The monster rider forges an alliance with a monster to serve him as a mount in battle.


This archetype is available to cavaliers, druids, paladins, rangers, witches, and wizards. As an option, other classes that have a companion, mount or familiar can take this archetype, replacing that companion with a monstrous steed.

Optionally, a character that qualifies for this archetype can take it upon finding a monster suitable as a steed. Otherwise, game masters are encouraged to work with the player and arrange a suitable mount as the character advances in level, possibly as a short side quest.

Class Abilities

Monster Steed

A when monster rider befriends a monster suitable to serve as a steed, and is of sufficient level to be served by such a steed, he gains the creature as follower. This works like monster cohort option on the Leadership feat. Each creature has a level when it becomes available to serve as a steed. For each level beyond this, the steed gains one level in an appropriate class, usually as a fighter.

Monster riders can still learn the Leadership feat normally, but cannot take a monstrous cohort.

Summary of Changed Class Abilities

These abilities of the original class are lost or modified in this archetype. Note that other classes that gain a familiar or companion through an optional class ability, like a bloodline, also qualify.


  • Mount.


  • Nature's Bond. A druid monster rider must choose an animal companion for his nature's bond class feature.


  • Divine Bond. A paladin monster rider must chose a steed for his divine bond ability.


  • Hunter's Bond. A ranger monster rider must choose an animal companion for his hunter's bond class feature.


  • Witch's Familiar. A witch that takes this archetype uses her monster steed as her familiar, and prepares spells and uses other abilities with its help, just as if it was an actual familiar.


  • Arcane Bond. A wizard monster rider must select a familiar for his arcane bond class feature.
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