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A monster ally has a native eidolon.


A monster ally is a summoner with a pact with a supernatural creature that is of this world. The combination of monster and hero makes a stalwart duo. Strictly speaking, the monster ally is not a summoner at all, his eidolon is an ally of this world rather than a summoned creature, but the monster ally might have the ability to summon other kinds of creatures.

This archetype works conceptually well with many other archetypes, especially ones that give up the summon monster ability. The GM is encouraged to allow PC to combine this archetype with other archetypes that modify the eidolon ability, as long as the combination works.

Class Information

This is a summoner archetype that has an eidolon native to his own plane.

Publisher: Everyman Gaming.

Hit Die: d8.

Class Features

The monster ally has all the summoner's class features, except as described here.

Native Eidolon

A monster ally begins play with the services of a powerful creature called a native eidolon. The native eidolon has a pact with the monster ally for reasons that need not be entirely clear. The native eidolon gains the native subtype and loses the extraplanar subtype. If using Everyman Unchained: Eidolons, the native subtype is only relevant for outsider eidolons. A native eidolon is a creature from the summoner's home plane. It is not extra-dimensional and cannot be summoned or dismissed. This means that it cannot be conveniently stowed away when not needed; keeping the native eidolon nearby can be a problem. The native eidolon gains the hard to kill evolution described below and a choice of bonus evolutions at first level. It can choose either gain the large evolution, or the change size evolution described below. This is a modification to the eidolon ability, except as noted this is the same as a regular eidolon.

Hard to kill (Ex) Native eidolons are very hard to kill; they go unconscious normally at negative hit points, but automatically stabilize and can survive at negative hit points equal to half their full normal hit points. Unlike normal eidolons, native eidolons heal naturally over time. A native eidolon that is slain can be raised or resurrected without suffering negative levels, or the monster ally can call a new native eidolon. This is a one-hour ritual that severs all ties with the old native eidolon. The replacement eidolon must travel to the monster ally using its own abilities, a process that can take a week or even more depending on location.

Change Size (Su) As a standard action the native eidolon can alter its size, from Tiny to it's normal size (normally Medium, but see the large evolution). Any equipment the native eidolon wears or wields also changes size. The eidolon gains the effects due an eidolon of whatever size it currently is. A Tiny native eidolon gains a +4 bonus to its Dexterity score, takes a –8 penalty to its Strength, and a –4 penalty to its Constitution. It gains a +2 size bonus to its AC and attack rolls, a –2 penalty to its CMB and CMD scores, a +4 bonus on its Fly skill checks, and a +8 bonus on its Stealth skill checks. It also loses its natural reach and all natural and weapon attacks do two steps less damage than a Medium eidolon. A Tiny eidolon is likely to be mistaken for a familiar. Whenever the summoner changes the eidolon’s evolutions, he can also change which of these abilities to gain.

Eidolon Choices A native eidolon is not an extraplanar creature and lives on the material plane. Fortunately for the monster ally, this can be any kind of eidolon; a creature that normally is extraplanar might naturalize itself to the material plane, losing the extra-dimensional quality, in order to become a native eidolon. If using Everyman Unchained: Eidolons elementals, kami, oni, rakshasa, and all eidolons that are not outsiders make conceptually good native eidolons.

Monster Concentration

The summon monster ability of the monster ally can be used when the native eidolon is present, but when doing so the duration is only 1 round/level. This is a modification of the Summon Monster I ability, but the monster ally archetype can still be combined with other archetypes that modify the summon monster ability.

Summary of Changed Class Abilities

These abilities of the original class are lost or modified in this archetype:

  • Eidolon
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