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  • Short rests are 1 minute.
    • Not all players need to take a short rest at the same time.
    • You can only take 3 short rest for each long rest.

Character Creation

  • Int bonus gives language/tool proficiencies


Alternate Human

    • The DM can delay all or some of the effect of the feat to level 4. This discourages feats that grant bonuses that are unbalancing at low level (Heavy Armor Master) or that grant spells above level 1.



  • Berserker is bad. Use Zealot instead.


  • Circle of the Moon Druid:
    • Combat Wild Shape: The healing ability of this archetype feature requires a full action, instead of a bonus action.
    • Circle Forms: At 2nd level the Druid may Wild Shape into CR 1/2, at 3rd Level they may Wild Shape into CR 1.
    • May need a buff at higher level.


  • The Champion is removed as an Archetype. Its features are now base Fighter features, given to all fighters at the appropriate level.
  • Battle Master:
    • Menacing Attack: Rather than the actual Frightened condition, the target has Disadvantage on all attacks and ability checks against the Battle Master, and may not move closer to them.
    • Pushing Attack: Applicable target size increase by one step when the Superiority Die increases (Huge at d10, Gargantuan at d12).
    • Trip Attack: Applicable target size increase by one step when the Superiority Die increases (Huge at d10, Gargantuan at d12).


  • Recover all Ki points on a short rest. If shorts short rests are not in use, recover all Ki points with 1 minute of meditation.


  • All rangers need help after level 5.
  • Beast Master:
    • Action to command beast to attack an enemy until that enemy goes down.
    • You can command your animal to attack on your initiative using a bonus action.
    • Exceptional Training: It is a Free Action to command your Beast instead of a Bonus Action.


  • Weak until level 5
  • Wild Magic
    • Surge: A wild magic spell can never cause more dice of damage than half your level (minimum 1).
    • You can choose to cause a wild magic surge when they cast a spell. When you do, you cannot use this ability again for one minute.
    • You can spend a sorcery point to cause a wild magic surge.


  • Int (or Wis) instead of Charisma for spellcasting.
  • Warlocks begins with the Eldritch Blast cantrip for free, and can choose two others, as per the PHB.
  • Warlocks can use mystic arcanum slots to cast enhanced warlock spells known via the pact magic class feature.
  • Pact of the Chain: All warlocks gain this feature, in addition to either Pact of the Blade or Pact of the Tome, at 3rd level. The Pact of the Chain may also take a Flumph or a Homonculus as an option for the find familiar spell.
  • Pact of the Blade: You also receive Medium Armor proficiency. You automatically gain the Thirsting Blade invocation at 6th level, which does not count towards your total number of known invocations.
  • Pact of the Tome: Your tome may serve as an Arcane Focus if both your hands are free to hold the Book of Shadows.
  • Invocations
    • Repelling Blast: This Invocation only affects targets sized Large or Smaller, and allows for a Strength Saving Throw to resist.
    • Mask of Myriad Forms: This invocation now has a prerequisite of 7th level, instead of 15th.
  • New Invocation: Blade-lore
    • Prerequisite: Level 3, Pact of the Blade
    • You learn the Dueling or Great Weapon fighting style (PHB, pg 72).


  • Dual Wielder: You gain a additional attack on your bonus action at level 11.
  • Sharpshooter & Greater Weapon Mastery
    • Penalty to hit: Proficiency bonus
    • Bonus to damage: 2x Proficency bonus


  • Drinking a potion is a bonus action.
  • Dropping to zero hp gives one level of exhaustion. This does not stack.
  • Critical Hits: Maximum damage instead of double dice.
  • Combat in absolute darkness: mutual disadvantage


  • If you hold a spell focus, you do not need to manipulate material components of any kind. You still need the component, but you do not need to touch it.


  • Help Action: You need to be proficient to help.