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Metal is considered an element in some systems of thought, a mix of elements in others. It combines the resilience of earth with the flexibility and destructive potential of fire. It carries the mark of civilization, yet is used in wars of destruction. Metal, especially iron, is essential to technology and thus opposed to the fey and magic in general.

Alternate Names: Edge, Tools, Craft


Creature : Metal Elementals
Skill : Melee
Attribute : Reflexes
Sense : Vibration
Mood : Precise, decisive, confident
Blast: Piercing

Metal Cantrips

Basic Action

You can change the elasticity of metal objects, making small metal objects soft and bendable, elastic like springs, or stiff and inert. Such changes only last while you hold the object. You can turn ferrous metals into magnets or demagnetize them. You can sharpen edges and cause metals to tarnish or give them a polish. You can cause metal to glitter and actually glow, creating ghostly illumination or pointing out particular parts of a large metal object.