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Mesmerist Spell List Additions

Additions to the mesmerist spell list.

Level 0: alter race, attract attention, benign dispel, blind spot, color cantrip, ground mist, honeyed words, mutual attraction, neglect, shadow fighting, taunt.

Level 1: bone armor, fey gold, fireflies forget, hideous laughter, repulsiveness, shadow armaments, shadow fighting (mass), shadow wounds, stupefy spell, unseen musician.

Level 2: burdened thoughts, creature image, dimension door (lesser), glitterdust, mirror image, scapegoat.

Level 3: feign death, forget (mass), purge evidence shadow necromancy (lesser), spectral wounds.

Level 4: shadow shape, shadow polymorph, stun spell.

Level 5: shadow heal/harm, shadow necromancy.

Level 6: shadow shape (greater), shadow polymorph (greater), stun spell (mass), true seeing.

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