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A complex class requiring immense rules mastery, the occultist is a jack of all trades who channels the psirits of past heroes to gain their abilities.

Medium Spell List Additions

Additions to the medium spell list.

Level 0 alter race, benign dispel, neglect, purge evidence (lesser), pushing ray, summon zero.

Level 1 bone armor, feign death, mirror image, protection from evil, riddle resolver, shadow armaments, taunt.

Level 2 ancestral advice, dimension door (lesser), hideous laughter, phantom armor, shadow wounds.

Level 3 purge evidence, reproduction.

Level 4 feign death (greater), shadow polymorph, spectral wounds.

Class features

Heroic Identity (Su)

At 3rd level, the hero of the hour gains an additional ability, depending in the spirit he is channeling. He uses his medium level as his effective level in the class that gives the ability.

Archmage Gain the use of Eschew Materials as a bonus feat.
Champion Gain the barbarian's fast movement ability.
Guardian Gain the fighter's armor training ability.
Hierophant Gain the use of Eschew Materials as a bonus feat and the cleric's aura ability.
Marshal Gain the bard's well-versed ability.
Trickster Gain the rogue's trapfinding ability.


Almost all the spirits have overly debilitating influence penalties. The following modifications apply to the Medium's spirits. Legendary spirits are not available to player characters.


Influence Penalty: Your body begins to respond as if you were a frail, aged scholar. You take a penalty equal to your spirit bonus on Strength checks, Strength-based skill checks, Constitution checks, and non-spell attack and damage rolls.

Champion Spirit

Taboos: Choose one: you are superstitious about arcane spellcasting, so you must not be the willing target of arcane spells or abilities and you must attempt a Will saving throw against even harmless arcane spells and abilities; you may not make an attack with any weapon except a specific manufactured weapon (such as “my father's +2 falchion”) that you choose when you take the taboo, and you may not choose unarmed strike for this taboo; you must accept any challenge to prove your prowess in battle, including challenges to single combat—if you breaks the rules of the challenge, you break this taboo.

Guardian Spirit

Influence Penalty: You are incredibly cautious and guarded in all things, and your caution sometimes gets in the way. You take a penalty equal to your spirit bonus on Dexterity checks, Dexterity-based skill checks, ranged attack rolls, and the save DC of your spells.

Taboos: Choose one: you must always protect others from danger when you can (including defeated enemies, but not enemies that are an active threat to you and others); you must keep your body in fit physical condition, and you break this taboo if you drop below half your maximum hit points; you must speak no words and use no abilities with the sonic descriptor, and you break this taboo if you become enraged, frightened, or panicked; you must hold position, you break this taboo if you take the run, double move, or charge actions.

Guardian's Shield (Lesser, Su): You gain proficiency in shields (including tower shields) and you can make two additional attacks of opportunity each round.

Marshal Spirit

Influence Penalty: The time you spend concentrating on your allies prevents you from attending to other important matters. You take a penalty equal to your spirit bonus on Dexterity checks and Dexterity-based skill checks. Additionally, if an ally does not treat you with respect, that ally cannot benefit from your seance boon or spirit surge abilities.

Trickster Spirit

Influence Penalty: The trickster within you is a protean manipulator, and you begin to see the possibility that everyone around you might have ulterior motives as well. You never count as a willing target for spells, but you can still choose to void your saving throw. You gain no benefit from another creature's aid another attempts.

Taboos: Choose one, taboo limitations don't apply when interacting with close allies: you must go masked and can't reveal your identity to strangers; you can never tell the truth; you can never pass up a lucrative offer.

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