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Neutral Good

Lydia is a wise and benevolent Suel goddess who seeks to instruct trough music and to recover old lore and separate fact from fiction. She is very similar to Lirr.

Lydia (LIH-dee-ah) is a wise Suel goddess, shown as a dynamic older woman with white hair and clear blue eyes. Her symbol is a spray of colors from an open hand. She interacts with many other gods, exchanging information and songs.

People must gain knowledge to better themselves. Music is a key to learning, and the light of day lets one see their own ignorance.

Lydia's church has an open policy on all records, for the goddess hates secrets and those who would hoard information to the detriment of others. Her teachings are presented in song form so that they may be easily remembered, and her church often converts current and historical texts into ballads. Her church uses education to uplift women from lesser stations in life; this tends to make her unpopular with patriarchies.

Most of her clerics are women. They discover and spread information wherever they travel, and are often found in the company of clerics of Fharlanghn. They are required to help women in need of education, and they spend much of their time in villages teaching women and children how to read and acting as midwives. They travel to discover lost caches of information and song, preferring historical accounts of actual deeds rather than fictionalizations and hearsay tales.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Weapon: Shortspear

Symbol: spray of colors from an open hand.

Action Techniques

Charm, Know, Ride.

Pathfinder Domains

Charm, Good, Knowledge, Sun, Travel.

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Sing or play a musical instrument in public where strangers can hear you and be instructed. If no suitable public areas are located nearby, compose an original poem about a piece of lore significant to you. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saving throws against sonic effects.


  1. Communicator (Sp) color spray 3/day, vizualisation of the mind 2/day, or sculpt sound 1/day
  2. Quiet Muse (Sp) You can cast extended brilliant inspiration three times per day.
  3. Paralyzing Song (Su) You make music with such skill and pathos that all around you become frozen still. Once per day as a full-round action, you may attempt a Perform (keyboard instruments, percussion instruments, string instruments, wind instruments, or sing) check. All enemies within 30 feet who can hear you must make a successful Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your Perform skill modifier) or be affected as though by hold monster for as long as you continue playing.