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Chaotic Good, Fourth Generation Oerdian god

Lirr is the daughter of Hieroneous and the Oerdian goddess of art. She is of minor power but important in many legends as a helper and inspiration. She is the patron of every art, from the barbaric skald to the stately illuminator. She is an ascended mortal sponsored by Ehlonna.

Lirr (LEER) is shown as a fresh-faced Oeridian woman with long black hair and dark blue eyes. Her symbol is an illustrated book, and she carries a tome with her that can show any poetry, prose, spell, or artwork ever created. She works favorably with any being that respects knowledge, learning, and the arts, but she opposes those that would destroy art and knowledge or hide it. In some ways she is the converse of Pholtus, pressing for individual liberty so that others may see the light of truth without being blinded by it; this pleases Trithereon, who also strives for the freedom of the individual. Many good Oeridian sorcerers and wizards worship Lirr, particularly those who dislike Delleb's conservative and reclusive nature.

The written word, be it in rhyme, prose, myth, or logbook, is the linchpin of civilization. Preserve written works so that the knowledge of the past can be given to the future, and put oral records in more permanent form. Art should be revered, for it conveys feelings and messages that would take hundreds of pages to explain. Every poem, book, or painting lost is a piece of history forgotten.

Lirr's clerics wander Oerth in search of lore, news, poetry, historical tales, magic, and works of art. They sneak into lands ruled by oppressive leaders (such as Iuz), trying to rescue items of interest that are at risk of being destroyed out of malice or ignorance. Many clerics have skill as bards, telling tales and painting pictures rather than singing; they easily find work as tutors, scribes, and artists. Novice clerics spend months making copies of their temple's archives of books, scrolls, and works of art, which are distributed so that others may appreciate them.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: An illustrated book
Weapon: Rapier

Pathfinder Domains

Chaos, Charm, Good, Knowledge, Magic.

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Paint a small picture, compose a short poem or song, perform, or create another work of art, whispering praise to Lirr’s beauty and grace as you do so. The art piece need be neither large nor complex, but heartfelt and made to the best of your ability. Gift the piece of art to a stranger and pay her a sincere compliment as you do so. If there are no suitable individuals around to receive the gift, leave it in an obvious place with Lirr's sign and blessing. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on Craft and Perform checks.

Evangelist or Feat

  1. Fiction Weaver (Sp) silent image 3/day, minor image 2/day, or major image 1/day
  2. Versatile Artist (Ex) Drawing on Lirr’s divine inspiration, you can substitute your bonus in a specific Craft or Perform skill for your bonus in another related skill, as the artiste bard archetype's versatile art class feature. Select one Craft or Perform skill which you can substitute for its associated skills. If you already have the versatile performance class feature when you obtain this boon, choose an additional Craft or Perform skill to substitute.
  3. Persuasive Aesthetic (Sp) You learned to pour your soul into works of art. Once per week, you can use symbol of persuasion as a spell-like ability. Instead of inscribing a symbol, you can cast this spell using either a performance or a piece of art worth 5,000 gp or more as an arcane focus. Unlike the material components of symbol of persuasion, an artwork is not consumed during casting. Each creature within 60 feet of the performance or artwork must succeed at a Will saving throw or be charmed by you (as the charm monster spell) for 1 hour for every Hit Die you possess. The charm effect lasts until the symbol is triggered or until you use this ability again, whichever comes first.


  1. Devotionals (Sp) unbreakable heart 3/day, calm emotions 2/day, or good hope 1/day
  2. 'Joyous Ally (Sp)' Your sense of beauty and the loyalty you bear your goddess have attracted the notice of her celestial servants. Once per day as a standard action, you can summon a lillend azata from Lirr’s divine realm to aid you. You gain telepathy with the lillend to a range of 100 feet. The lillend follows your commands perfectly for 1 minute for every Hit Die you possess before vanishing. The lillend doesn’t follow any commands that would cause it to commit evil acts or destroy works of art, and the creature could even attack you if the command is particularly egregious.
  3. Plumed Blade (Su) Even in battle, you partake of the beauty and joy with which Lirr graces her devoted followers. As a free action, you can cause an illusion of brightly colored feathers to follow every swipe and motion of your weapon. When you do so, a single weapon you hold gains the holy and shock weapon special abilities. (You can use this ability on a ranged weapon, but can’t apply it directly to a piece of ammunition.) If you drop the weapon or give it away, this ability’s effects immediately end. You can grant weapons this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 1 + 1 for every 4 Hit Dice you possess (maximum 6 rounds). The rounds don’t need to be consecutive.


  1. Graceful Warrior (Sp) animate rope 3/day, cat’s grace 2/ day, or haste 1/day
  2. Glorious Might (Su) Your passionate devotion to Lirr grants you extra prowess in your battles against evil, allowing you to see and root out the ugliness at the heart of your foe. When you use your smite evil class feature, you gain double your Charisma bonus on attack rolls and your Charisma bonus + your paladin level on damage rolls. This replaces the normal bonuses for using smite evil. If you don’t have access to smite evil, you instead gain a +2 bonus on weapon attack rolls against evil targets.
  3. Cloak of Feathers (Su) An aura of colorful features, glowing with Lirr’s holy grace, shields you against electricity attacks with a measure of the protection enjoyed by the azatas who serve her. You gain electricity resistance 15.

Liberator Code

Lirr is an Oerdian, and like all her people she is a warrior. Her liberators see the ugliness in evil, even when cloaked in the form of beauty, and their mission is to defend those who devote their lives to the creation of beauty, bring it forth themselves, and prevent the weak and foolish from being seduced by false promises. Their tenets include the following adages.

  • I see beauty in others. As a rough stone hides a diamond, a drab face may hide the heart of a saint.
  • I am peaceful. I come first with a rose rather than a weapon, and act to prevent conflict before it blossoms. I never strike first, unless it is the only way to protect the innocent.
  • I accept surrender if my opponent can be redeemed—and I never assume that they cannot be. All things that live love beauty, and I will show beauty’s answer to them.
  • I live my life as art. I will choose an art and perfect it. When I have mastered it, I will choose another. The works I leave behind make life richer for those who follow.
  • I will never destroy a work of art, nor allow one to come to harm, unless greater art arises from its loss. I will only sacrifice art if doing so allows me to save a life, for untold beauty can arise from an awakened soul.
  • I lead by example, not with my blade. Where my blade passes, a life is cut short, and the world’s potential for beauty is lessened.

Action Domains

Flux, Life, Light, Magic, Spiritual.