Laser pistol (Action)

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This is a weapon data page for Action.

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Laser Pistol

One-handed fusion] ranged weapon

Hands: 1H
Size: Small
Tech: Fusion
Type: Ranged
Range: Medium
Damage: +6 impact
Properties: Great blow, improvised, loud

A small hand laser popular as a tool and easily modified as a weapon.

Lasers fire very short and intense pulses of coherent light in rapid succession. When these hit, they vaporize some of the target, causing a small surface explosion. Because the weapon is almost instantly ready to fire again, a laser can be played over the target for additional damage or zig-zagged to provide suppressive fire.

Lasers are accurate, light, and cause a lot of damage but cannot use special ammunition. The weapons are expensive, but the chargeable energy cells are cheap in the log run, making lasers popular as military weapons. They are also quite common as improvised weapons, made from mining and construction tools.

Contrary to popular opinion, lasers are not silent when fired in an atmosphere; they create a vacuum tunnel in the air that collapses with a sonic boom. Forensic scientists can identify laser hits by burn patterns, so these weapons can be traced.