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The kinetic warrior is a hybrid of fighter and kineticist, a weapon-wielding kineticist with the armor and training of a fighter. Some are kinetically talented but without the focus the kineticist, others are fighters who discovered a kinetic talent through training and exercise. All are masters of both armed combat and kinetic blasts, combining both into a frightening style of steel and elements.

Class Information

This is a hybrid class, a combination of fighter and kineticsist.

Hit Die: d10.

Starting Wealth: 5d6 x 10 gp (average 175gp.) In addition, each character begins play with an outfit worth 10 gp or less.

Class Skills

Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).

Skill Ranks per Level: 2 + Int modifier.

Class Features

These are all the class features of the kinetic warrior.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Kinetic warriors are proficient with all simple weapons, all martial melee weapons, and all armor, but not with shields.

Elemental Focus (Su)

This is the same as the kinetic warrior ability of the same name.

Wild Talents

A kinetic warrior learns to use wild talents—magical abilities similar to spells but drawn from the kinetic warrior's innate psychic talent and usable at will. Except as noted, this is the same as the kineticist ability of the same name. The kinetic warrior uses wild talents as a kineticist of her kinetic warrior level, but gains them differently.

Every wild talent has an effective spell level. A kinetic warrior can always select 1st-level wild talents, but she can select a wild talent of a higher level only if her kinetic warrior level is at least four times the wild talent's effective spell level. Kinetic blast and defense wild talents are always considered to have an effective spell level equal to 1/4 the kinetic warrior's class level (to a maximum effective spell level of 5th at kinetic warrior level 20).

At 1st level, 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, a kinetic warrior selects a new wild talent available to her. At each opportunity, the kinetic warrior can select an utility or infusion wild talent. A kinetic warrior can select only universal wild talents or those that match her element(s) (see elemental focus above). At level 4, 12, and 20, a kinetic warrior can replace one of her wild talents with another available wild talent of the same level or lower. She can't replace a wild talent that she used to qualify for another of her wild talents.

A kinetic warrior cannot learn the following wild talents: kinetic blade, kinetic fist, kinetic whip.

Burn (Ex)

This is the same as the kineticist ability of the same name, except as noted.

The maximum limit on burn per round starts at 1 point, increases to 2 points of burn at 6th level, and rises by 1 additional point of burn every 6 levels thereafter.

Kinetic Blast (Sp)

This is the same as the kineticist ability of the same name, except that a kinetic warrior can use a hand holding a melee weapon to aim a kinetic blast.

Gather Power (Su)

This is the same as the kineticist ability of the same name, except that a kinetic warrior can use a hand holding a melee weapon to gather power. She cannot use gather power while wearing a shield, even if the shield is used as a melee weapon.

Bonus Feat

The kinetic warrior gains a bonus combat feat at level 2 and every 4 levels thereafter. She must fulfil all prerequisites of bonus feats. Kinetic warrior levels count as a fighter levels for the purpose of feat prerequisites; this stacks with other abilities that count as fighter levels for feat prerequisites.

Elemental Defense (Su)

At 2nd level, a kinetic warrior gains her element's defense wild talent.

Armor Training (Ex)

Gained at 3rd level, this is the same as the fighter ability of the same name.

Elemental Strike (Su)

At 5th level, the kinetic warrior can imbue her melee attacks with kinetic energy. Though similar, elemental strike is not a kinetic blast and cannot be used with infusions.

The kinetic warrior surrounds her body with energy or elemental matter from her kinetic abilities. She can use this ability as a free action usuable at any time to add damage to each of her melee attacks. Each attack deals an additional 1d6 points of damage, this damage is of the same type as one of the kinetic warrior's kinetic blast's damage. This extra damage ignores spell resistance and doesn't apply any modifiers to your kinetic blast's damage, such as your Constitution modifier. The extra damage is not multiplied on a critical hit. If the elemental strike deals the same kind of damage as the melee attack it is used with (usually bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing), the entire attack counts as magical and damage reduction or resistance only applies once to the total damage.

The damage bonus of elemental strike improves by another 1d6 at 9th, 13th, and 17th level.

Infusion Specialization (Ex)

Gained at 6th level, this is the same as the kineticist ability of the same name except for when it is gained and advances. The kinetic warrior reduces the burn cost by 1 point at 6th, 10th, and 18th level.

Expanded Element (Su)

At 8th level, the kinetic warrior can choose an expanded element instead of a wild talent. This is the same as the kineticist ability of the same name except as noted. A kinetic warrior does not gain any composite blasts from her expanded element(s). A kinetic warrior can chose this ability again to gain additional expanded elements.

Supercharge (Su)

Gained at 14th level, this is the same as the kineticist ability of the same name.

Table: Kinetic Warrior

Level Base
1st +1 +2 +0 +0 Burn (1/rd), elemental focus, kinetic blast, gather power, wild talent (1st level)
2nd +2 +3 +0 +0 Bonus feat, elemental defense
3rd +3 +3 +1 +1 Armor training 1 (medium)
4th +4 +4 +1 +1 Wild talent (lvl 1, replace)
5th +5 +4 +1 +1 Elemental strike 1d6
6th +6/+1 +5 +2 +2 Bonus feat, burn (2/rd), infusion specialization (1)
7th +7/+2 +5 +2 +2 Armor training 2 (heavy)
8th +8/+3 +6 +2 +2 Wild talent (1st level, expanded element)
9th +9/+4 +6 +3 +3 Elemental strike 2d6
10th +10/+5 +7 +3 +3 Bonus feat, infusion specialization (2)
11th +11/+6/+1 +7 +3 +3 Armor training 3
12th +12/+7/+2 +8 +4 +4 Burn (3/rd), wild talent (3rd level, replace)
13th +13/+8/+3 +8 +4 +4 Elemental strike 3d6
14th +14/+9/+4 +9 +4 +4 Bonus feat, supercharge
15th +15/+10/+5 +9 +5 +5 Armor training 4
16th +16/+11/+6/+1 +10 +5 +5 Wild talent (4th level)
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +5 Elemental strike 4d6
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +11 +6 +6 Bonus feat, burn (4/rd), infusion specialization (3)
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +11 +6 +6 Armor mastery
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +6 Wild talent (5th level, replace)