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A kinetic gunslinger is really a very specialized kineticist. Rather than telekinetically throwing objects, or using gunpowder to propel bullets, the kinetic gunslinger uses the power of her mind to propel bullets from her guns. A kinetic gunslinger can exist in a world without regular firearms.

Class Information

This is a gunslinger archetype using psychic powers to fire her guns.

Hit Die: d10.

Class Features

The kinetic gunslinger has all gunslinger class features, except as follows:

Grit (Su)

The kinetic gunslinger's grit is a supernatural ability. Her initial and maximum grit is equal to her Constitution score. The saving throw DC of any grit ability that has a saving throw is 10 + 1/2 the kinetic gunslinger's class level + her Constitution modifier. This is a modification to the grit ability.

Deeds (Su)

All a kinetic gunslinger's deeds are supernatural abilities.

Kinetic Gun Deed (Su) At first level, as long as she has any grit points remaining, the gunslinger can reload and fire a firearm without using gunpowder. This avoids any chance of misfire. She can reload a single round into any firearm without needing a free hand to do so as a free action at the cost of one point of grit. She cannot use alchemical ammunition with this ability. This replaces the quick clear deed.

Kinetic Shot Deed (Su) At 3rd level the kinetic gunslinger learns the kinetic shot deed. This is the same as the gunslinger's utility shot deed, except the kinetic gunslinger cannot stop bleeding and can use scoot unattended object at any range, taking twice the normal range penalties when doing so. This is a modification of the utility shot deed.

Quick Load Deed (Su) At 7th level the kinetic gunslinger learns the quick load deed, reducing the time to kinetically load a firearm by one step (a full-round action becomes a standard action, a standard action becomes a move action, and a move action becomes a free action). She must have one or more points of grit remaining to use this deed. This replaces the startling shot deed.

Bullet Ward Deed (Su) At 11th level the kinetic gunslinger gains the bullet ward deed. As a swift action that costs one point of grit, she surrounds herself with a telekinetic ward for ten minutes or until all the ward's temporary hit points have been expended, whichever is sooner. She gains a number of temporary hit points equal to her kinetic gunslinger level. These temporary hit points can only be used to absorb damage from ranged and energy attacks. Any melee attack or psychic attack bypasses the bullet ward entirely. If an attack deals less damage than her remaining temporary hit points (she still has temporary hit points from force ward after the attack), it still reduces those temporary hit points but otherwise counts as a miss for the purpose of abilities that trigger on a hit or a miss. She can dismiss the ward as an immediate action. This replaces the expert loading deed.

Animate Weapon Deed (Su) At 15th level, the kinetic gunslinger can animate a melee weapon. This functions as if the kinetic gunslinger was wielding the weapon, except as noted. An animated melee weapon can attack any target within 30 ft., using the kinetic gunslinger's Constitution modifier instead of Strength modifier to attack and damage. Activating this ability is a swift action that lasts until the end of the kinetic gunslinger's current turn. It is a free action to draw or pick up a weapon from the ground using this ability. Any weapon used with animate weapon deed ends up in the kinetic gunslinger's hand or on the ground in her space when the ability ends. This replaces the menacing shot deed.

Summary of Changed Class Abilities

These abilities of the original class are lost or modified in this archetype:

  • Grit
  • Deeds:
    • Quick Clear (lvl 1)
    • Utility Shot (lvl 3)
    • Expert Reloading (lvl 11)
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