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In the Common pantheon Iuz is a demon lord and godling, emperor of the land that bears his name. Although he calls himself Ius the Old, he is a latecomer god, the son of the sorceress Iggwilv and the the demon-lord Graz'zt. He was the main warlord of the Greyhawk Wars and those wars only ended when he was banished by the Crook of Rao. His porfolio covers Deceit, Evil, Oppression, Pain, and Wickedness.

To the Flan Iuz is the fulfillment of a long-held prophecy, the scorned suitor, the warlord that takes what he was not given.

Iuz (EYE-ooze) is thought to be the half-fiend son of the demon lord Graz'zt and the powerful wizard Iggwilv. Appearing on Oerth as a shriveled old man or as a huge, demonic-looking being, Iuz has many fiendish allies and impersonates other gods to fool mortals and increase his territory. He remains a great threat to the balance despite setbacks since the Greyhawk Wars. His symbol is a grinning skull, and he holds a particular hatred for Zagyg, Vecna, St. Cuthbert, and Greyhawk.

The weak must be exploited, tortured, and stripped of hope. The strong must be constantly wary of betrayal by their underlings. Pain is power, and inflicting pain demonstrates power best. Crush those beneath you. Iuz must be obeyed, and those who defy him will know absolute pain.

Iuz's clerics inflict cruelty and torture upon all who oppose them. Iuz tolerates no less than fanaticism and complete obedience. His clerics constantly try to outdo each other in their acts of cruelty and evil. They show their superiority over all other beings by hunting for trophies; rare finds such as unicorns or paladins are truly prized. The clerics create spells and magic items of terrible power and evil nature, and travel the world to commit acts of evil and search out Iuz's enemies. Iuz is served directly by the Boneheart—two tiers (Greater and Lesser) of six advisers each (clerics and wizards), and by the Boneshadow, six spies and evildoers who roam the world.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Weapon: Greatsword

Pathfinder Domains

Chaos (Whimsy), Evil (Demon), Luck (Curse) Trickery (Deception), War.

Pathfinder Traits

Action Domains

Animal, Darkness, Death, Life, Spiritual.