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This is an include page for item schticks, used to build other pages.

Dedicated Item

A item is especially effective against a certain kind of enemy. Can be applied to weapon or armor. Against the specified kind, the wielder gets to add two attributes to damage or soak value instead of just one. This cannot be the same attribute added twice. If the item normally gives Mind-based soak or damage, add Body to the value. Otherwise, add Mind to the value.

Enhanced Item

The item has been enhanced, which gives +1 to the damage of weapons or the protection value of armors. It can be applied to other gear only with the GMs permission and a similar benefit must be agreed upon. Enhanced Items cannot give a bonus to skill values. The enhancement can be based on some skill, special material, superlative manufacture, or most commonly, a power.

Focus Storage

You can store the energy of being Focused and can be used once per session. This has no effect outside action scenes, but in action you can use a Limit Break without first Focusing.

A variant of this stores the focus for one particular Limit Break and can only be used with that power/stunt/schtick. This allows that Limit Break to be used outside of combat without spending extra time on it.

You can take this item schtick several times, with cumulative benefits.

Gadget Pool

You use gadgets, one-use devices that use Powers. When you purchase this item power, your character has several different gadgets available to him, thus having a selection of powers, but a limited number of total uses of the gadget pool equal to the number of schtick picks in Gadget Pool. You cannot select an Inherent power, but in some cases your GM might allow you to take what is normally an Inherent power as a Stance.

You select a theme and Origin for your gadgets when you take this schtick. Your gadget pool can be one item with variable properties (such as a magic utility staff or technological utility belt) or a set or kit of small items. In either case, all your gadgets together count as one item for the purpose of Item Limitations. In action, you can decide exactly what gadget you have when you use it. As long as the power fits the theme, you can use that power during a single round.

Typical themes include potions, scrolls, fetishes, spy gadgets, ninja gadgets, and clockwork devices.

You can take this schtick multiple times, and use it a number of times each session equal to the number of picks you have in the power. After your gadgets are expended, you can spend a Fortune point to use the power again, coaxing an extra use out of your gadget pool. Your gadget pool refills each session.

You gadgets are still items, and can be stolen, destroyed or taken away from you. When your gadgets are stolen, you and/or the GM can immediately decide what powers the stolen gadgets have - which can sometimes be useful as foolish minions make themselves victims of your props.


Choose a Power that is a Limit Break when you take this schtick. You can use this power without being focused. However, it can only be used once and it then expended. You can replace the gimmick or recover the points invested in it, but this is easily done only at the end of the story - replacing it in play takes some effort. You can take this item schtick several times, gaining additional uses.


The item has an intelligence and can activate powers on its own, but unless it is also Sentient it lacks a personality and motivation. Each round, it has 3 shots of its own that it can use to activate its own powers on the user's command. This is not a true initiative roll and does not determine when the item acts; the item can expend shots whenever the owner's shot comes up. It uses its owner's skills and attributes when using its powers.

An item is often both Intelligent and Sentient.

Luck Charm

The item holds a Fortune point, that you can use once per Story. You can take this item schtick several times, gaining additional uses.

Power Focus

Select one Power when you make the item; you can use this power while holding the item. This is generally a power related to the function of the item; a melee weapon focuses Melee Powers and so on. You cannot select an Inherent power, but in some cases your GM might allow you to take what is normally an Inherent power as a Stance. A power focus can be used any number of times. You can take this item schtick several times, selecting a different power each time.

Restricted Item

There are restrictions on who can use the item, that makes it hard to use when stolen. Restrictions are generally to a narrow group; the royal family, amazons of Kilkarach, the captain of the royal guard. A variant is an item that must be bestowed or gifted on a new owner to work for that owner.

This is a cost because it increases the security of the item; it becomes harder to use the item against you if it is stolen.

Returning Item

This item has a tendency to return to its owner. It attaches itself to certain people and returns to them, either through the working of fate or, for appropriate items, by direct flight or teleportation. If you pay the point cost for such an item, it attaches itself to you and returns to you.

Set Item

Basic Action

The item has several sets of abilities it can switch between, or it is part of a set where you can only use one set of items at any time.

This allows you to have two items with the same point cost, and to switch between them as a Basic Action. You can take this schtick several times, each time either creating an entirely new item set or adding a new alternate configuration to an existing set. All items sets have to be checked for style and balance by the GM.

Daifu has a 4 item schticks invested in his flaming spear. On an adventire, he discovers that his flamin spear can change into a wind sword, another 4 schtick item. The ability to change this way costs 1 item schtick.

Utility Weapon

A Weapon that has an additional Weapon Property. You can take this item schtick several times, selecting a different Weapon Property each time.

Weapon Implement

Particularily at high levels of technology, the best tool to focus magic is often a modified firearm.

A Ranged Weapon with this ability also works as an Implement. An implement is mainly useful for Shoot powers, but works with other powers that allow the use of Implements. The wielder gains all the weapon's abilities, including damage add, range, and other weapon abilities.