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Unofficial rules compendium

Variants for the investigator hybrid class.

Investigator Talents

The following rogue talents can also be picked by an investigator, in addition to those in the main class description: disease use, escaping stunt, false friend, flying stunt, getaway artist, magetrap, obfuscate story, outsmart traps, quick scrounge, riding stunt, rumormonger, sacrifice self, sapping, scavenger, shock tactics, sleight of hand stunt, snap shot, steal the story, thoughtful reexamining, and uncanny dodge. Note that many rogue talents have been revised, and those revisions also apply to investigators.

Additional Specialization (Ex)

The investigator can choose one of the specialist investigator's specializations. She cannot choose a specialization she already has, or the treasure finder specialization if she has the trapfinding ability. She gains the inspiration ability of the chosen specialization. This investigator talent can be selected several times, each time selecting a different specialization.

Trap Sense

Investigators lack uncanny dodge. Thus, against a trap they are not aware of, they cannot use the dodge bonuses from their trap sense—which is clearly nonsensical.

An investigator with trap sense is never considered flat-footed against attacks from traps.

Alchemist Spell List Additions

Used by the alchemist to level 6, and the investigator to level 6.

Level 1 alter race, armor

Level 2 blood biography, phantom armor, trial by fire.

Level 3 object Shape I.

Level 4 object Shape II.

Level 5 object Shape III.

Level 6 object Shape IV, true seeing, x-ray eyes.

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