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Inventors are persons of science and logic, investing their psychic powers into complex mechanical devices of their own invention. These inventions function best for the inventor himself, but can potentially be shared or stolen, allowing others to use their powers.

Class Information

This is an occultist archetype with technological flavor.

Publisher: d20pfsrd Publishing based on the works of Jessie Staffler.

Class: Occultist.

Hit Die: d8.

Class Features

The inventor has all the standard occultist’s class features, except as noted below.

Invention Implements (Su)

An inventor uses inventions implements, investing their mental focus into devices of their own creation. Except as noted below, inventions are used exactly like implements to learn implement schools and implement spells, store mental focus, and to use implement powers. New invention implements are gained at the same rate an occultist gains new implements.

The implement spells and the focus power (but not the resonant power and base focus power) gained from an invention can be changed: This takes an hour, and requires the inventor to make a Knowledge (engineering) check (DC of 15 plus the level of the spell being changed, or DC 20 for a focus power). An inventor can only try to change one spell or focus power of a single invention each day. If the check fails, the spell or power to be changed is lost and the new spell or power is not gained, but repeat attempts are allowed on a later day. All other functions of the invention implement still work.

Each invention is a unique object designed by the inventor. When an inventor gains a new invention implement from level advancement, he can specify all the abilities of that implement as he likes. This invention implement is the result of his advancing understanding. If an invention is lost, the inventor has to replace it by crafting all the spells and the focus power of the invention, as above. When building an invention from scratch, multiple attempts are allowed on the same day.

Invention implements modifies the implements and spells class feature and replaces magic circles, binding circles, and fast circles.

The Inventions of Fantasy

Inventors are psychic spellcasters and the inventions used by inventors are not really technology. Inventors walk, talk, and breathe the scientific principles they adhere to, but this is purely mood. An positronic relay evocation implement looks, smells, and sounds different from a cat-skin piston evocation implement, but either works for any spell of the evocation implement school.

Typical inventions look like a pocket watch with more and stranger dials, but they can look like almost anything of comparable size. An invention is of negligible weight.

Here is a list of buzzwords that can be used to name inventions: Alternate reality, bio-energy, cerebral, clockwork, crystalline, elastic, electric, essential salt, ether, first principle, hyper geometry, hyper-sonic, hypnotic, infinite division, negative reflection, optic tunnel, para-logic, perfume, planar acoustic, pneumatic, psychometric, refraction, resonance, steam, subjective perception, tensor, tonic, unstable, wormhole.

Weapon Invention (Ex)

At 2nd level, and inventor can create weapon inventions that are larger and more powerful than normal invention implements. Any invention can be made into a weapon invention, and an invention can be changed to a normal or weapon invention (of any size) in the same way an invention's focus power is changed.

Weapon inventions can be light, one-handed, or two-handed, and are used like weapons of the corresponding type. Weapon inventions must be readied and sheathed just like weapons are. A weapon invention can incorporate a weapon (even a magic weapon) of the same size, giving access to the invention as long as the weapon is wielded.

Depending on its size, weapon inventions gain certain advantages.

  • A light weapon invention's spells are cast at a caster level one higher than normal.
  • A one-handed weapon invention weighs a minimum of 3 lbs. and improves the save DC of it's spells by 1.
  • A two-handed weapon invention weights a minimum of 9 lbs. and combines the benefits of light and one-handed inventions.

Weapon invention replaces aura sight.

Empower Invention (Ex)

At 4th level inventions can be uses by others and not merely the inventor. A creature can use an implement if the inventor spends a minute explaining how it is used, or with a successful Use Magic Device check, DC 20 + the inventor's class level. The possessor of an invention gains the benefits of the invention's resonant power and can spend mental focus stored in the invention to power its focus powers and cast its implement school spells. Each spell costs one point of mental focus per spell level. This does not consume the inventor's spell slots; the inventor can use this method of spellcasting himself in a pinch.

The inventor constantly upgrades his inventions; the use of each invention must be explained again after the inventor imbues it with mental focus each day.

Stroke of Genius (Ex)

At 8th level the inventor can try to modify an invention as a full-round action. This works as outlined under the invention implements ability, but takes less time and does not count against the daily limit. He can use stroke of genius once per day. At level 12 and every four levels thereafter, the inventor can use stroke of genius an additional time per day. This replaces outside contact.


At 10th level, add permanency to the inventor's spell list and known spells as a 4th level spell. The inventor can use any invention implement to cast this spell.

Summary of Changed Class Abilities

These abilities of the original class are lost or modified in this archetype:

  • Implements
  • Aura Sight
  • Outside Contact
  • Magic Circles
  • Fast Circles
  • Binding Circles

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