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Class Features

Alignment Proximity

In addition to normal alignment proximity, the neutral alignment is considered one step away from all other alignments. This gives additional alignment options to divine casters with alignment restrictions. A neutral divine caster can worship a deity of any alignment, and a neutral deity can have worshipers of any alignment.

Investigator Talents

These are new talents for the investigator.

Investigative Talent (Ex)

This talent is available to enlightened nobles and other variant investigators that have an altered inspiration class feature.

The investigator can use the inspiration ability on any skilled Knowledge, Linguistics, or Spellcraft skill checks without expending uses of inspiration.

Inquisitor Spell List Additions

Used by the inquisitor.

Level 0 attract attention, benign dispel, bleeding wound, burst of flame, invoke anxiety, paroxysm, purge evidence (lesser), sense sin, spiritual strike, stall flight (lesser), telekinetic projectile, touch of vertigo.

Level 1 cure light wounds, inflict light wounds, protection from evil, shadow armaments, shadow fighting, taunt.

Level 2 reproduction, resistance (greater), riddle resolver.

Level 3 purge evidence, scapegoat, shadow fighting (mass), stall flight, stupefy spell, trial by fire.

Level 4

Level 5 true seeing.

Level 6 x-ray eyes

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