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In the Common pantheon The god of pestilence is rarely worshiped. Ceremonies are made to placate him, and his cult always gains adherents during times of famine and plague.

To the Flan Incabolous is a suitor Berei refused, a petty god seeking revenge against her children, the Flan. The cycle of recurring suitor trouble is very central to Flan myth and an admonition to women to manage their lovers well. His weapons are famine and pestilence; he kills humans, plants, and game alike to weaken the tribes. He is an avatar or reincarnation of Nerull.

Incabulos (in-CAB-yoo-lohs) is a dread power feared by mortals, fiends, and (it is said) even some gods. The bringer of disease and blights is a terrifying figure—deformed body, skeletal hands, nightmarish visage, and garbed in a black robe lined with orange and green. He rides a nightmare and is accompanied by hags. He causes a nightmarish slumber in any who meet his eyes, and his great staff causes seeping wounds and withers flesh with a touch. His symbol is the magic icon for the eye of possession. Incabulos hates all other gods, although he is indifferent to Nerull, who completes the work Incabulos starts.

The suffering of the world is meat and bread to Incabulos. Sickness, famine, and other curses bring him power. Some feel that the Black Rider can be warded off or appeased by prayers; but this only delays the inevitable. The world of dreams is his battleground, and he wages war against minds just as he rots bodies.

Clerics of Incabulos are secretive and paranoid. Justifiably fearing persecution by good and evil alike, they rarely reveal themselves for what they are except in times of great despair when they can fan the emotions of the suffering. Greater clerics use this state of fear to encourage junior members to maintain secrecy. They enjoy torturing others, inflicting disease, and spreading blight. They travel to find new locations or people to infect, escape those who would destroy them, or find strange lands where exotic diseases can be found.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Weapon: Quarterstaff

Symbol: Eye of possession

Action Domains

Animal, Darkness, Death, Life, Spiritual.

Pathfinder Domains

Darkness (Loss), Death, Evil, Destruction, Plant (Decay).

Pathfinder Traits

Pathfinder Obedience

Cover a table (or suitable flat surface) with a black cloth and spread a feast atop it. All or parts of this feast should be spoiled or rotten. Eat to the point of painful fullness, sipping drink between dishes and reciting a prayer to Incabolous. Trust in Incabolous to protect you from any sickness or disease that might follow. Treat your caster level as 1 higher when casting necromancy spells.


  1. Pestilent Penitent (Sp) curse water 3/day, feast of ashesAPG 2/day, or contagion 1/day
  2. Death Knowledge (Su) Your knowledge of the arcane workings of death increases. Your familiar can teach you all new spell from either the Death domain spell list of a level you can cast. If you cast spells from a spellbook, you learn new spells in the same manner, though it appears magically in your spellbook. If you cast spells spontaneously, you can add to the spells to your list of spells known, but you gain no additional spell slots. If you prepare divine spells, add the spells to your spell list. If you are not a spellcaster, you can use each spell on the Death domain list once per day, as long as the spell level is equal or less than 1/3 of your Hit Dice.
  3. Blight of Ruin (Su) Your blight hex gains power from Incabolous’s favor. If you use your blight hex on a plot of land, you can affect an area whose radius is equal to 20 × your Hit Dice. If you blight a creature of the animal or plant type, increase the saving throw DC by 4 and the curse’s effect to 2 points of Constitution damage per day. If the target successfully saves against your blight hex, it instead takes 3d6 points of negative energy damage. If you don’t have access to the blight hex, you instead gain the ability to use mass festerAPG once per day as a spell-like ability.