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Heroic Action Role-Play
Name Hands Size Range Damage Properties
Amulet 0H Small Close 3
Astrolabe 2H Medium Long 4 Static
Banner 2H Large Long 5 Static
Dagger 1H Small Close 4
Great Mask 0H Large Close 4
Icon 2H Large Short 5
Mask 0H Medium Close 4
Orb 1H Small Long 3 Static
Rod 1H Medium Short 4
Staff 2H Large Short 3 Block
Sword 1H Medium Close 5
Scythe 2H Large Close 6
Symbol 1H Small Close 3 Parry
Tablet 2H Small Long 5 Reload
Tome 2H Medium Long 5 Static
Wand 1H Small Short 3

Sometimes called Blast Foci or simply Foci, implements are mainly used to enhance Blast damage. Not all Traditions allow the use of Implements.

Implements are the equivalent of ranged weapons for power-users. What foci you can use depends on your tradition. Implements amplify the user's normal power level, providing a lever to inflict more damage. The use of an implement is not required, but improves Shoot power damage to levels matching approximately Clockwork tech level performance. Depending on how the GM want Shoot power attacks to perform, a blanket bonus or penalty can be applied either to their damage or to implement bonuses.

All powers that use range modifier can benefit from the increased range some implements provide, but then also suffer the limitations. Using Weapon Implements is another way to allow blast attacks to benefit from higher tech levels.

Reading the Table

Most traits of implements only apply to the Mind-based damage of Blast attacks, but some aspects, such as range, applies to all powers. A few Melee powers do implement-based damage as well.

The damage type of an implement depends on the Blast it is used with. Any special effects that Blast also applies to implement attacks.


An amulet is a catch-all for a small symbol or token. This can be a necklace with an ornament, a holy symbol, a set of bracers, a wrist-mounted keyboard, a mobile phone with handsfree, or even a free-floating magical construct you can put in a pocket when not in use.


An astrolabe is a mechanical device of Clockwork complexity, used to calculate various astrological, supernatural, or mathematical relationships. It is frail and takes a fair bit of time to operate. An abacus functions the same way and is less technologically sophisticated. A modern version is portable computer.

A banner is a large, clumsy symbol, that is hard to carry around and that needs to be solidly planted to function. A tabernacle, portable altar, or bulky radio array can have the same function.


A simple Dagger or knife, which can also function as a weapon. Daggers used as foci are often of silver, obsidian, or some other special substance.

Great Mask

A great mask covers the face and upper body of the wearer, making you very distinctive but concealing your identity. You focus your power by assuming a ritual identity trough the mask.


A painting, pennant, reliquary or other object held to focus power. A ritual staff can be an icon rather than a staff if it is very heavy and ceremonial in nature.


A ritual mask covering most of the face focuses your power by identifying with mysterious creatures. This can also be a crown or other worn symbol of authority. Usually made of hard plastic, metal, china, or hardened leather.


A round object held in the hand. This can be a small crystal ball, an egg, a mobile phone, or a symbolic depiction of the earth or the night sky. It is associated with control and rulership.


A Baton about a meter in length, often heavily decorated. Can be used as a melee weapon in a pinch.


A staff, about as long as the wearer, usually of gnarled wood but more elaborate staves fit certain traditions. A symbol of serenity and defense. Can be used as a Quarterstaff in a pinch. A staff can be used as a focus in one hand, but loses the Block property when used that way.


A small hand-held icon that grants personal protection and close-range defense.


Some kind of sword used as a focus, this represents nobility, courage, and domination. It can be used as a melee weapon in a pinch; pick one Medium size sword that it can function as.


The scythe is the ultimate symbol of destructive personal magic, reaping the souls of your opponent's. Some traditions use greatswords or pole arms to similar effect. A scythe can be used as a melee weapon in a pinch.


A wax or stone tablet used to make quick calculations. This can also be an abacus or reference card. A modern power user would use a tablet computer instead.


A book of lore from which you read or recite passages or formulas.


A small convenient stick used to point at enemies.