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Attack Routine

Trigger Action (Combo)

You have a specific succession of attacks you regularly use, such as a claw/bite routine. Whenever you have done the first step in such a routine, you can follow up with the second step as a trigger action. Each step can be any specific Melee attack that is a Basic Action and made with a separate part of your body.

Longer attack routines are possible; if you take this power additional times, your attack routine gains one additional step, that triggers when the previous step is completed.

Bestial Strength

Stance (Damage Boost)

You make your unarmed attacks more lethal, adding +2 damage of the same type the attack already does. You can only use one damage-increasing stance at the time.

Embodiment of Power

Trigger Action (Combo)

Select one stunt, power, or stick that you can use and that is normally a basic action. Your body manifests this power very strongly; whenever you touch another creature - such as with a successful unarmed or natural Melee attack made by or against you - you can use this power and immediately use the chosen basic action against the creature that touched you.

Extra Arms

Stance or Inherent.

You have an extra pair of arms that work just like your normal arms. This schtick gives you the arms and lets you use them in combat. They might be of use in other situations with different stunts, but it is in melee that their true utility comes out. You can take this schtick several times to gain additional arms and additional combat benefits.

The arms can be either inherent or a stance. Inherent arms are always there. With a stance, you only have the extra arms when you use the stance. These can be a prehensile tail, short tentacles, legs, or other appendages capable of grasping weapons. One "pair" of arms can actually be a single limb, such as a tail.

You can make a Normal Melee Attack against two enemies in hand-to-hand combat. Each extra set of arms adds another enemy.

Alternatively, you can use these extra arms to effectively assist yourself when attacking a single enemy. Each extra pair of arms gives a +1 modifier on Melee attacks, up to a maximum of +3 for 3 additional pairs of arms.

Quill Insertion

Basic Action

You insert quills into he victim's flesh, making it painful and hard for him to move. Make a roll of Melee vs. Dodge, on a success the target's Reflexes suffers a penalty of -1 until the end of the scene. If the attack scores an Outcome matching the target's Reflexes, the penalty is increased to three. The target also loses three shots. The penalty can be cured with a First Aid stunt using Know against your Melee, or the quills can be removed automatically outside of combat.


Trigger Action (Combo)

Use this power when you hit with an unarmed Melee attack or when you are hit with a Melee attack. Make a Melee vs. Dodge check. On a success, you and the target are stuck together, but the target can avoid the effect by spending 3 shots. On an Outcome matching the target's Body, you are stuck no matter what.

A weapon stuck this way cannot be used and the wielder must either let go of it or try to pull it free with an opposed Body as a Basic Action.

If you and another creature are stuck together this way, neither of you can move away from the other (tough circling around each other is possible). As a Basic Action, you can try to either drag the other along, or pull free - in both cases it is an opposed Body roll. It is also possible to use Contortions to slip free using Reflexes.


Basic Action

You can extend long tentacles. You can use these to attack enemies in hand-to-hand combat while keeping your own vital parts out of harm's way. Your tentacles are elastic and can stretch a maximum distance equal to your Body in meters. You can do a Interference stunt using your Melee skill anywhere in this area. You can take this schtick several times tog gain multiple tentacles. You can have more tentacles than you have schtick picks in tentacles, but any additional tentacles are purely cosmetic.

Each tentacle is effectively an unnamed creature with your Body. It can only be interacted with as described here. As a Basic Action, you can activate all your tentacles to make a Normal Melee Attack against any creature in reach for Body +0 Blunt damage. Note the ganging-up restrictions of Unnamed Characters.

You can buy attacks specifically for use with all your tentacles; you cannot use such attack in the normal manner unless you purchase it twice. Damage is always Body +0, but the Damage Type can vary with powers/weapons used.

You can use a tentacle to absorb a melee attack; sacrificing a tentacle instead of suffering the normal effect. Opponents can make Melee attacks against your tentacles in any space the tentacles can reach. Any successful Melee attack against a tentacle puts it out of the fight. A defeated tentacle becomes unavailable for the rest of the scene.

At your option, powers that heal can instead restore one tentacle per Hit it would normally heal.

Variants of Tentacles can be just about anything. A prehensile tail, animated hair, a swarm of insects, flying scarves, tree roots, animated water, ectoplasmic manifestations, or psychic shock waves; anything is possible.