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Illusion is the art of perception and deception. It is concerned with image, not substance. Illusion powers are most often used to deceive, but they can be used to educate and to discern new things.

Illusions normally create images of creatures and objects that are objectively real in the sense that there it registers on physical senses, including those of living creatures and sensory devices. Such images are still unreal in that they are mere projections, not the actual physical thing projected. An illusion cannot affect objects (other than sensors) unless the power explicitly says it can. An illusion of weight would cause scales to react, but could not cause a bridge to collapse. A lift with a weight limit sensor could shut off, but if the sensor is overridden, the lift would work normally despite the illusory overload.

Certain illusions are subjective and are even more unreal, to the point that they can only be perceived by creatures directly targeted. Such phantasms mean that two creatures watching the same scene can perceive things completely differently.

Alternate Names: Mirage, Phantasm


Creature : Spectres
Skill : Dodge
Attribute : Reflexes
Sense : All senses
Mood : Playful
Blast: Illusory damage.

Illusion Cantrips

Basic Action

You can change the color of objects. You can create translucent free-floating images and animate them by concentrating. These effects are limited to one cubic meter. You can change ambient lightning, sounds, and small visual details altering the atmosphere and level of illumination of a person, room, or other small area. You cannot create complete darkness or blinding light.