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Ice is a special case and a bit hard to classify. Some claim it is a variant of fire, cold where fire is hot. Others claim that it is an aspect of water, or a mix of water and air. Some claim it is an element all to itself. Most ice creatures could not care less and use the powers regardless.

Many powers of this form are limited to ice and snow. This includes frozen water, but also ice and snow created by freezing substances that are gaseous in normal room temperature. In many cases, the ice created with this form is actually dry ice, which means it can melt without leaving any water behind.

Alternate Names: Winter


Creature : Ice Elementals
Skill : Shoot
Attribute : Body
Sense : Cold sense
Mood : Cold, Aloof
Blast: Cold

Ice Cantrips

Basic Action

You can create hoarfrost, tiny cold spells, or a light mist in a cubic meter. You can freeze ice cubes, water, or organic material of up to a kilo. You can cool air and chill drinks . You can extinguish candles and kill small plants. You can cause ice to glitter and glow, or to display faint images as if reflected in the ice.