Gyrojet rifle (Action)

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This is a weapon data page for Action.

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Gyrojet Rifle

Two-handed fusion] ranged weapon

Hands: 2H
Size: Medium
Tech: Fusion
Type: Ranged
Range: Long
Damage: +7 impact
Properties: Loud

A gyrojet sniping weapon, famous for penetration and accuracy at long range. A prefered hunting and murder weapon, it is the only gyrojet weapon commonly employed by military.

A high-power civilian weapon, gyrojet weapons fire miniature self-propelled rockets. A tiny explosive sends the rocket out of the gun, then the rocket ignites and gives it further power. While rockets are rather simple, giving them precision and control is not; in fact each rocket is a miniature smart missile.

Because there is hardly any barrel interaction and the rocket is destroyed on impact, there is very little to link a gyrojet projectile to the weapon that fired it, another popular feature among criminals.

Gyrojet weapons are common among police, security forces, criminals, and for home defense. They are accurate, have long range, and do great damage. The guns are cheap, even flimsy. The drawback is that the ammunition is both complex, bulky and very expensive. This makes these weapons popular among those who mostly want their guns to impress and for the occasional firefight but unpopular with the military and combat troops.