Gunpowder (5A)

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Early black powder costs 10 gp per lb. Two types of container are common, as they protect the black powder from its nemesis, dampness. As powder gets cheaper as technology advances, so does containers - no longer do people pay for alchemical security as powder becomes common.

Powder Horn 15 gp, 1 lb.

A powder horn is usually made of leather, but available in soft metals and actual horn as well. They will hold powder dry in most conditions and also easily accessible for loading. Costs 15 gp and weights 1 lb. It can hold 1 lb. of powder.

Powder Keg 50 gp, 5 lb

A keg is a small lead-lined barrel used for storing powder. Once the barrel is opened, the powder is usually distributed right away and the lead made into bullets. A powder keg holds 20 lbs. of powder and is most often purchased full and sealed for 250 gp. A used keg can be refilled or sold.