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Gizmos are a subtype of Gimmicks and purchased as such.


Each gizmo is a consumable item that allows time-limited use of a specific Power selected when it is purchased. In the case of Pool Gimmicks, you choose the power when you select your gizmo. Unlike the similar Alchemic Items and Gadgets, there is no list of gizmos; instead gizmos allow the use of a Power from the normal rules. You use a gizmo's power as if you had learned the power yourself.


Gizmos are normally Small items. Those unfamiliar with the Origin of the gizmo might regard them as Slick, but to those in the know they are not. The exact appearance of each gizmo depends on the campaign, but certain items are typical of certain Origins.


Chi doesn't use lots of gizmos.

  • Concoctions in the form of potions or pills are common.
  • A memento of a particular person or place can function as a personal gizmo.
  • Crystals are common in more high-powered settings. These crystals are pretty large and often glow or even hover.
  • Written materials are less common, [Chi_(Action_Powers_Form)|Chi]] users do not write books to be read only once.


Fey gizmos are the stuff of fairy tales.

  • Any consumable made by fey can be a gizmo.
  • Clothes and accessories made by fey can be a gizmo. In this case, it usually disappears or reverts to a mundane object once the scene ends.
  • Plants, especially spices, mushrooms, fruit, and berries touched by fey can be gizmos.


Gifts often use parts of Gifted creatures in their gizmos.

  • Fetishes, small bundles of fur, twigs, and perhaps a tooth or claw from a Gifted creature is the most common.
  • The blood of Gifted creatures can be made into potions.
  • The bones, scales, feathers, horns and similar remains of Gifted creatures can also work.
  • Jewelry made by fey, and even simple adornments like flowers and twigs, can be gizmos.


Magic uses the classic magic consumables, the exact form depending on how the item is to be used.

  • A scroll is suitable for effects directed at others.
  • A potion suits effects aimed at you.
  • Tokens, such as feathers, dried mushrooms, or small crystals are popular, with effects related to the appearance of the token.


Psi is common in technological worlds, and psi gizmos often have a technological look even if the function is not.

  • Medicine, in the form of pills or even syringes, are common.
  • Discreet jewelry or skin paint can be gadgets.


Spiritual gimmicks are related to holy places or people.

  • Holy water, sprinkled over a target.
  • Holy wine, to be drunk.
  • Holy oil, to be anointed with.
  • Incense, lit to achieve area effects.
  • A holy symbol or other significant object blessed by a holy person can be a gizmo. Such an object remains once the power is used, now powerless.


Technological gizmos always reflect their function.

Gizmo Limitations

When a gizmo is made, you can add limitations on it to make it less likely to be abused. Any or all of these can be added for free. Gizmo limitations are meant to be story devices rather than security devices. The GM might not allow certain limitations if the condition is common among allies but rare among enemies. More commonly, the GM will add limitations to found gizmos to add story value.

  • A gizmo can be personal and only usable by the person it is made for.
  • A gizmo can be made to work only on one specific target.
  • A gizmo can usable only by those of a certain Origin.
  • A gizmo can be made to only be usable at certain places and/or times