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Gifts are innate abilities that certain individuals have. They are not earned or learned but basically bestowed randomly.

Alternate Names: Mutation, Creature Powers, Super Powers.


Skill : Recon
Attribute : Body
Sense : All senses
Mood : Egocentric, egotistic, individualistic
Blast: Cutting

Gifts Cantrips

Basic Action

You can make your eyes (or other significant part of your anatomy) glow, providing illumination for a scene or until you use this power again to shut the light off.

You can detect if someone else is a power-user as soon as you sense them. As you get within Mind meters, you can compare one of your own skills to that of another power user, noticing if they are stronger, equal to, or weaker than you. A secretive creature can pretend to be weaker than they are to fool you. This is like two beasts evaluating each other for dominance and can be repeated for different skills. It is quite obvious but not rude. This is often used to establish a dominance chain between monsters and sometimes between other power users who both have this ability. This is a meta-power that affects other powers. In some campaign worlds there is a strong Origin Divide among different origins. Check with your GM regarding your campaign. Origins that are opposed cannot cannot be modified by meta-powers; it is as if powers from the opposing origin was actually a schtick rather than a power.