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There is a natural flow of magical energy in the earth's crust. This flows along lines known alternatively as ley lines, nazca lines, or as the flow of yin and yang. A geomancer understands this flow, and that it attracts monsters that jealously guard this energy, often without quite knowing why. People can also subconsciously use this energy; magical sites, temples, and settlements often benefit from such spots. By tapping into the natural flow of energy, the geomancer can access a wider variety of summons and can even make his summons permanent guardians of geomantic energy.

There are many similarities between druids and geomancers, both tap the powers of the earth. Still, many druids don't trust geomancers and feel they meddle in things best left to nature.

Class Information

This is a summoner archetype.

Publisher: Everyman Gaming.

Alignment Geomancers cannot be of chaotic alignments.

Hit Die: d8.

Class Features

The geomancer has all the summoner's class features, except as described here.

Summon Nature’s Ally (Sp)

Starting at 1st level, a geomancer can cast summon nature’s ally I a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. At levels where a summoner would gain a more powerful summon monster spell as a spell-like ability, he instead gains the equivalent summon nature’s ally spell. At 19th level, he can use summon nature’s ally IX or gate.

Remove all summon monster spells from the geomancer's spell list and add the corresponding summon nature's ally spells.

This ability otherwise functions like the standard summoner's summon monster I ability and replaces that ability.

Guardian Summons (Su)

The geomancer gains Summon Guardian Ally as a bonus feat. Guardian is not a type of creature, different creatures assume this role in different parts. Guardians are not enemies of fey, but the two often work at cross purposes even when both strive to benefit the natural world. Summoned creature are actually spirits made flesh by the spell, and even if they are knowledgeable, they have no past life.

Call Guardian (Sp)

A geomancer can invite a creature to become the guardian of a place of geomantic significance. These spots are always auspicious places to live that attract monsters over time, this ability allows the geomancer to expedite the process and control what kind of creature takes up residence. The process to call a guardian has three steps: the agreement, the ritual, and the calling.

The agreement is a simple agreement between the geomancer and the creature(s) in question. The creature must be one the geomancer has summoned using summon nature's ally and it must spend a full-round action examining the place and giving its approval of the process. This is often done at the end of the fight in which the place was conquered and the old guardians defeated. If the site is of a kind normally inhabited by the summoned creature and currently unoccupied and in the control of the geomancer and allies, the creature will usually agree. The site has to be one of mystical significance. Most adventure sites and monster lairs qualify for this. If the site is either to grand or too humble for the type of creature, it might demand that a larger area be cleared or only take responsibility for a part.

The ritual step is enacted by the geomancer in the area that is to become the abode of the guardian. He must move through the entire area and insure there are no enemies or unknown hazards left. The ritual takes one hour to complete. Minor enemies can still be present in the area, but any hostile group with an encounter level greater than half the bound creature's challenge rating causes the ritual to fail.

The calling is the climax and end of the ritual. The geomancer summons the creatures again and the calling is finalized. This final summons has an instantaneous duration and when used in the ritual it becomes a conjuration (calling) rather than a conjuration (summoning) spell. The creatures become natives of the plane and cannot be banished or dispelled. They start out with a helpful attitude towards the geomancer and will allow him and his party to use the area as they please, but over the next week they will form their own opinions based on events and the usual habits of its kind.

As more time passes, the creatures may be driven off by others or multiply possibly creating a settlement, as circumstances dictate. This is outside the scope of the effect.


Summon Guardian Ally (General)

Prerequisites: Summon nature's ally spell or ability, non-chaotic alignment.

Benefit: Add the following creatures to the list you can summon with summon nature's ally. These creatures can only be summoned in a location or situation typical of its kind, tough summoned guardians are less picky than a normal creature of its type. Spell-like abilities with a duration other than instantaneous used by guardian allies are dispelled when summon nature's ally ends.

Summon natures ally I badger, goatB3, gourd leshyB3, great horned owlB3, primate (baboon)B2, skunkB3, swan (trumpeter)B4.

Summon natures ally II almirajB4, axe beak (diatryma)B3, amoeba (giant)B2, leaf rayB4 (no seed), ningyoB4, ramB2, reefclawB2.

Summon natures ally III blink dogB2, foo dogB3, fungus leshyB3, hippogriffB2, kappaB3, shikigami kamiB3, shocker lizard.

Summon nature's ally IV flytrap leshyB5, foo lionB3, gargoyle, griffon, hydra, seaweed leshyB3, tanuikiB3.

Summon nature's ally V divine guardian hydraB4, kodama kamiB3, lotus leshyB5, hypnalisB4, lunar nagaB3, mudlordB4, shambling mound.

Summon nature's ally VI cerynitisB5, dosojin kamiAP52, gorgon, grey render, gynosphinx, stymphalidiesB3, water nagaB3.

Summon nature's ally VII couatl, guardian naga, kapreB4, spirit naga, treant, zuishin kamiB3, water ormB2.

Summon natures ally VIII amarokB5, cat lordB3, loreleiB4, lukwataB3, royal nagaB3, sea serpent, thunderbirdB2.

Summon nature's ally IX azruverdaB3, charybdisB2, cherufeB5, ghorazaghB3, red reaver, wakandagiB5, zuijin kamiAP52.

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