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Fire is the the element of energy and change; it fuels the processes of the world. Science does not acknowledge fire as en element at all, but sees it as a process. Fire powers are often destructive, manifesting as searing goats of flame, raging elementals, or anger. But it has a peaceful side as well in the application of intelligence, crafts and industry.

Alternate Names: Combustion, Energy, Flame, Heat, Plasma.


Creature : Fire Elementals
Skill : Shoot
Attribute : Mind
Sense : Heat Sense
Mood : Aggressive, Industrious
Blast: Fire

Fire Cantrips

Basic Action

You can light and snuff out candles and small flames. You can create a free-floating flame, which will provide heat and light. This flame can float up to Mind meters away from you and be used as a match to light combustible materials. You can alter the color of flames and cause them to shine bright or dim.