Electro rifle (Action)

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This is a weapon data page for Action.

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Electro Rifle

Two-handed fusion] ranged weapon

Hands: 2H
Size: Large
Tech: Fusion
Type: Ranged
Range: Long
Damage: +7 electricity
Properties: Auto, great blow, loud, stun

A military Electro weapon. Electro Guns use a laser to make a vacuum tunnel through the air, then channel a burst of electrons and possibly neutrons through the tunnel. Early electro guns fire either electrons or a mix, while mature weapons have a switch to toggle firing mode.

The electric charge shocks the target and can cause burns, shock electronics and burn or weld objects. Firing electrons only is often called the stun setting, a stun gun is an electr weapon that can only fire electrons. Electro Guns set to stun are favored for use inside starships and other vehicles, as the ray grounds harmlessly in metal and cannot damage a metal vehicle. It is also popular among police and less violent criminals. The stun setting does not work in a vacuum, as there is no atmosphere to focus the beam.

Adding neutrons to the mix makes the weapon capable of damaging tissue and objects, and to work in a vacuum. It removes the stun weapon quality.