Dramatic (Action)

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Heroic Action Role-Play

This is a Limitation for Action.



Trigger Action (Focus)

This is mainly a flaw for villains, though a hero with this flaw could be an interesting change of pace.

You crave drama, and love being the center of attention. There is nothing so refreshing as the dramatic entrée. You pick fights with people over the smallest things just to grab attention. You have a need to tell other people about your exploits, past and present. You swagger and brag about what you have done, and perhaps more dangerously, what you are about to do. No plan is so secret you cannot give hints of your activities or tell a helpless prisoner about it. You can never resist the chance to gloat over your enemies, and give them a few hints and pointers, to give them a "sporting chance". You actually feel sorry when your opponents cannot match your abilities — if it's difficult or catastrophic, it is almost always good drama.

When this makes you take a stupid but grandiose action you would not otherwise have taken, you can focus.