Dormancy (Action)

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This is a Limitation for Action.



You have some condition that causes enforced sleep. When triggered, should try to seek out a safe place to rest as you will fall asleep within the hour and cannot awaken once you have fallen into dormancy.

The conditions are almost always predictable and regular, something no group of investigators can induce. Vampires commonly have dormancy weakness during the day, ghosts may have a dormancy weakness at all times except the hour after midnight etc. You always know ahead of time that you will become dormant, giving you time to seek shelter.

When forcibly awakened from dormancy (such as by an attack) something snaps inside you and you lose sight of the true objective; once a fight has begun you focus completely on what is directly ahead of you and get a kind of tunnel vision making you unable to react to events around you. This might leave you as the last man around when your friends escape. You are sensitive to your immediate situation and can realize when things turn south for you personally, but you are unable to grasp the overall tactics of a situation once the action starts.