Dodge Metal (Action Powers)

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Main article: Dodge (Action Powers)

Metal Armor

Basic Action or Limit Break

You coat the target (which can be you) in protective metal. He gains 6 points of armor, increasing Toughness, but suffers a Reflex penalty of -1. If you use this as a Basic Action, it lasts for a scene, if you use it as a Limit Break it lasts for the rest of the day.

Metal Block

Trigger Action

Use a metal weapon to block incoming attacks; gives a +5 Dodge bonus during the current shot. If a melee attack against you fails, your blocking weapon takes the impact. Usually it can withstand this just fine, but an attack of a higher tech level or by a much stronger opponent might cause it to break or weaken. A metal weapon normally has a Toughness equal to its damage value (including your Body. A Hit reduces its Toughness by one, a Damage Setback means it breaks.

Resist Piercing

Basic Action

Add your Mind to your soak attribute against piercing damage for the rest of the scene. You are normally assumed to do this at the beginning of each scene, but sometimes you may want to not do it to be more inconspicuous.