Dodge Light (Action Powers)

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Main article: Dodge (Action Powers)

Impervious as the Sun

Trigger Action (Defense)

Make an Active Defense, with the usual +3 Dodge bonus. In addition, those that fail to strike you in close combat during this shot loses one additional shots from their shot counters. Unnamed characters that fail to hit you lose their entire next action.

Light Focus

Trigger Action (Focus)

You can focus when you take Radiation damage. Whenever you are hit by such an attack or subject to harmful amounts of energy, you can focus. The damage need not be sufficient to cause a Hit or otherwise have an effect on you. You can also focus when subject to blinding light - even if you are immune to it.

The damage must come from the environment or from an enemy to let you focus - attacking yourself or having a friend attack does no good. It is ok to set up a situation where you take environmental damage.

Radiant Defense

Trigger Action (Defense)

When you take Disruption, Energy, or [[1]] damage, you can defeat the damage with radiant energy, adding your Mind to your Body or Mind against one specific attack.