Dodge Force (Action Powers)

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Main article: Dodge (Action Powers)

Bronze Bell Block

Trigger Action

Create a protective sphere of energy around you. Gain an Armor bonus of +6 for this shot only, increasing your Toughness to Body +6 if it is currently lower than that. Does not combine with any other armor.

Kinetic Focus


You can focus when you take Physical damage. The damage need not be sufficient to cause a Hit or otherwise have an effect on you.

The damage must come from the environment or from an enemy to let you focus - attacking yourself or having a friend attack does no good. It is ok to set up a situation where you take environmental damage.

Force Shield

Trigger Action (Defense)

You create a shield of force to block attacks. For this shot and until you take your next action of any type (including a trigger action), you gain a Dodge bonus of +3. Any actions you take in the shot when you use this power do NOT break the defensive bonus.

Resist Impact

Basic Action

Add your Mind to your soak attribute against impact damage for the rest of the scene. You are normally assumed to do this at the beginning of each scene, but sometimes you may want to not do it to be more inconspicuous.