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Dodge is the ability to stay out of harms way. Different heroes approach this differently; some use reflexes to dodge, others use insight to simply not put themselves in danger, while some are heroic enough to just shrug off attacks that would kill lesser men. In many ways, Dodge is not really a skill, it is more of a measure of your heroic potential. It is very much recommended that you raise this skill as high as possible, even if you are not a combat character. Dodge defaults to Reflexes and an outcome matching this attribute on a stunt directed against Dodge will often result in a Setback.

Use in Action

Dodge is the default defense against physical attacks, and even most mental and mystic attacks in combat use Dodge as the difficulty. It has few active uses.


Dodge has no knowledge element.


Dodge has no contacts element.


Basic combat, movement and evasion stunts.

Active Dodge

Trigger Action (Defense)

When attacked you can take an active dodge, which increases your Dodge value by +3 for the current shot.


Trigger Action (Defense)

When an ally within Move meters of you is attacked, you can put yourself in the way, taking the attack meant for them. This redirects the attack to affect you instead of them. You can use additional Trigger Actions to improve your own defense.

Run & Dodge

Basic Action

Make a normal Move. Until your next action, you get a +3 bonus to Dodge.