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These lists have been designed primarily from the various flavour texts about different armies and/or troop types, and from old and long forgotten GW sources. They are heavy in gimickry and odd troop types, because GW likes to make figures for them, and they can be expected to be a part of many existing collections. All allied contingents specifically mentioned in lists are either very common, or permanent. Almost any other combination is possible for limited campaigns. The main exception to this is that races or nations that hate each other will never ally. Nor will dwarfs ever ally with chaos, chaos dwarfs or orks.

Magicians are reduced in power compared to WHFB, but present in every list except the dwarven. Very few have clerics, since the only real defense against mages should be other mages. Even so, it's unlikely that magicians would dominate a battle under these rules.


Cold. Ag 2. WW, Rv, SS, GS, Wd, E, M, Rd, Rg, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Kn (F) 19AP 1
Irr Kn (H) 28AP
Sub-general Irr Kn (F) 19AP 1-2 1-2
Irr Kn (H) 28AP 0-1
Druids Irr Mag (O) 10AP 0-3
Knights and mounted sergeants Irr Kn (F) 9AP 10-20
Sergeants, fyrd and town militia Irr Sp (I) 3AP 10-48
Archers Irr Ps (O) [can support Sp] 2AP 5-20
Irr Bw (I) 3AP
Upgrade highwayman archers Irr mtd Bw (S) 6AP 0-4
Feudal light cavalry Irr Cv (O) 7AP 0-6
Feudal spearmen Irr Ax (O) 3AP 2-6
Knights of Hark Ness Irr Kn (S) 12AP 0-2
Rabble Irr Hd (F) 1AP 0-12
Upgrade Kn Irr Kn (H) 18AP 0-2 0-3
Upgrade Bw Irr Bw (H) 8AP 0-2
Upgrade Bd Irr Bd (H) 10AP 0-2
Giants Irr Gi (S) 12AP 0-2
The dragon of Albion Irr Dr (O) 24AP 0-1
Norse ally-general Irr Bd (O) 15AP * 1
Irr Bd (F) 15AP
Norse warriors Irr Bd (F) 5AP * 4-12
Norse archers Irr Bw (O) 4AP 0-8
Norse scouts Irr Ps (O) [can support Bd] 2AP 0-4
Only after 2450:
Upgrade Kn (F) generals Irr Kn (O) 20AP All
Upgrade Kn (F) Irr Kn (O) 10AP Half-All
Mercenary knights Reg Kn (O) 12AP 0-3
Mercenary crossbowmen Reg Bw (O) 5AP 0-4

Very little is known about the armies of Albion, except that the clans of East Albion wears kilts with nothing under, and that they're even more primitive than Bretonnia. Accordingly, this list is based on the Anglo-Norman (DBM bk4, #3) and Scots Common Army (DBM bk4, #16).

Minima marked * apply only if any troops of that origin are used.

Beasts of Chaos

Cold. Ag 4. Rv, Wd, Rg, GS, SS, M.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
Beastman C-in-C Irr Wb (S) 15AP 1
Irr Cv (O) chariot 16AP
Irr Mg (O) 20AP
Minotaur C-in-C Irr Gi (F) 19AP
Beastman sub-general Irr Wb (S) 15AP 0-1
Irr Cv (O) chariot 16AP
Irr Mg (O) 20AP
Minotaur sub-general Irr Gi (F) 19AP
Beastman ally-general Irr Wb (S) 10AP 1-2
Irr Cv (O) chariot 11AP
Minotaur ally-general Irr Gi (F) 14AP
Beastman shaman Irr Mag (I) 8AP 0-3
Beastman Bestigor herd Irr Wb (S) 5AP 0-12
Beastman Gor herd Irr Wb (O) 3AP 8-24
Beastman Ungor herd Irr Ax (O) 3AP 8-36
Beastman Ungor raiders Irr Ps (O) 2AP
Beastman Tuskgors Irr Cv (O) chariot 6AP 0-8
Chaos warhounds Irr Wb (F) warhounds 2AP 0-12
Minotaurs Irr Gi (F) 9AP 0-8
* 4-16
Chaos trolls Irr Gi (I) 8AP 0-6
Centigor centaurs Irr Cv (O) 7AP 0-12
Harpies Irr Fl (O) 5AP 0-12
Razorgor chariot Irr Kn (O) chariot 9AP 0-4 0-6
Razorgor herd Irr Exp (O) 7AP 0-6
Chaotic giants, cygors, and ghorgons Irr Gi (S) 12AP 0-4 0-4
Irr Gi (O) 10AP 0-2
Chaotic monsters Irr El (S) 20AP 0-2 0-4
Irr El (I) 14AP 0-4
Herdstone Irr Bge (S) 3AP 0-1

A sub-general is always of the same type as the C-in-C. Ally-generals of a different type are unreliable. Numbers marked * apply only if using a general of that type.


Cold. Ag 1. WW, Rv, SS, GS, Wd, O, V, Rd, Rg, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Kn (S) 22AP 1
Ally-general Irr Kn (S) 17AP 1-3
Prophetess of the Lady Irr Mg (S) 12AP 0-1 0-3
Irr mtd Mg (S) 13AP
Irr aer Mg (S) 14AP
Damsel of the Lady Irr Mg (I) 8AP 0-3
Irr mtd Mg (I) 9AP
Grail knights Irr Kn (H) 18AP 0-4 0-4
Paladin Irr Cl (X) 18AP 0-1
Irr aer Cl (X) 20AP
Nobles and knights of the realm Irr Kn (S) 12AP 4-12
Knights errant Irr Kn (O) 10AP 0-12
Men-at-arms Reg Bd (I) 5AP 0-12
Reg Sp (I) 4AP
Peasant bowmen Irr Bw (O) with PO 5AP 0-20 6-20
Reg Bw (I) with PO 5AP 0-8
Irr Ps (O) 2AP 0-6
Pegasus knights Irr Fl (S) 7AP 0-4
Mounted yeomen Irr Cv (O) 7AP 0-8
Irr LH (O) 5AP
War altar Irr Bge (S) 3AP 1 0-6
Battle pilgrims Irr Hd (S) 2AP 1-5
Ribauds Irr Hd (O) 1AP 0-8
Brigands Irr Ax (O) 3AP 0-8
Mercenary cavalry Reg Kn (O) 12AP 0-4
Mercenary crossbowmen Reg Bw (O) 5AP 0-8
Irr Ps (O) 2AP 0-8
Field trebuchet Reg Art (S) 10AP 0-2
Only after 2350:
Mercenary handgunners Reg Ps (S) 3AP 0-2
Reg Sh (I) 5AP
Organ guns Reg Art (I) 4AP 0-2
Pavisiers Reg Sp (O) 5AP 0-6
Only before 2400:
Peasant levy Irr Hd (O) 1AP * 6-36
Only after 2500:
Voulgiers Reg Bd (O) 7AP 0-6
Upgrade peasant archers Reg Bw (O) with PO 6AP 0-6
Bombards Reg Art (S) 10AP 0-2

This is based on WHFB Armies, and the Medieval French list (DBM bk4, #64). Aggression is low because they seldom have the time for external adventures, being preoccupied with fighting each other. The notoriously unreliable Bretonnian nobles are simulated by making them ally-generals, even though they have feudal obligations. Minima marked * apply if any foot are used. The knights may only fight dismounted in order to attack or defend fortifications. Ordinary knights may be double-based to fight in a wedge, provided that all knights of a particular grade are so based. That is, Kn (O) may be double-based if every Kn (O) is double-based, and ditto for Kn (F). Peasant bowmen that are DBE'd should likewise have the figures placed in a neat wedge.

Mercenaries are usually from, or at least hired in, Tilea or Estalia, and only rarely from the Empire. In general, using mercenaries is considered dishonourable, and they're mostly used against external enemies, or by the desperate.

Champions of Chaos

Cold. Ag 4. Rv, M, C, D, SS, GS, Rg.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Kn (S) 22AP 1
Irr Bd (S) 17AP
Slaanesh or Nurgle C-in-C Irr Mg (S) 22AP
Tzeentch C-in-C Irr aer Mg (S) 24AP
Sub-general Irr Kn (S) 22AP 1-2
Irr Bd (S) 17AP
Slaanesh or Nurgle sub-general Irr Mg (S) 22AP
Tzeentch sub-general Irr aer Mg (S) 24AP
Chaos warbands Irr Wb (H) 7AP 0-2
Priests and chaos sorcerors Irr Mag (O) 10AP 0-2
Chaos warriors Irr Bd (S) 7AP 2-16 4-16
Irr Kn (S) 12AP
Irr Kn (O) if chariots 9AP 0-4
Chaos marauders Irr Wb (S) 5AP 4-36
Chaos marauder horse Irr Cv (O) 7AP 0-24 0-24
Irr Kn (I) 8AP 0-12
Chaos hounds Irr Wb (F) warhounds 2AP 0-12
Harpies or gargoyles Irr Fl (O) 5AP 0-8
Horrible chaotic monsters Irr El (S) 20AP 0-2 0-4
Irr El (I) 14AP 0-4
War altar of chaos Irr Bge (S) 3AP 0-1
Chaos cultists Irr Hd (S) 2AP 0-20 0-24
Khorne cultists Irr Wb (O) 3AP 0-8
Tzeentch cultists Irr Mg (I) 8AP 0-2
Slaves to the slaughter Irr Hd (I) 0,5AP 0-12
Bloodletters of Khorne Irr Wb (E) 6AP 0-4
Pink horrors of Tzeentch Irr Mg (E) 12AP 0-2
Plaguebearers of Nurgle Irr Bd (E) 9AP 0-4
Daemonettes of Slaanesh Irr Ax (E) 5AP 0-4

No general may command troops belonging to more than one chaos god.

Chaos Dwarves

Warm. Ag 3. WW, Rv, C, Rg, M, SS, GS, BUAf.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
Chaos dwarf C-in-C Reg Bd (S) 29AP 1
Chaos dwarf sub-general Reg Bd (S) 29AP 0-1
Hobgoblin sub-general Reg Bd (O) 27AP 1-2
Avatar of Hashut, lord of darkness Irr Av (O) 20AP 0-1
Priests of Hashut Irr Mag (I) 8AP 0-3
Warriors Reg Bd (S) 9AP 8-18
Blunderbusses Reg Sh (I) 5AP 0-18
Hobgoblin warriors Reg Bd (I) 5AP 0-12 6-36
Irr Bd (I) 4AP 0-24
Hobgoblin archers Reg Bw (I) 4AP 0-12
Irr Bw (I) 3AP 0-24
Slave rabble, mostly lesser greenskins Irr Hd (O) 1AP 0-18 6-36
Irr Hd (I) 0,5AP 0-36
Acolytes of Hashut Irr Mg (X) 10AP 0-4
Petrified sorcerer on litter Reg Bge (S) 6AP 0-1
Hobgoblin wolf riders Irr LH (O) 4AP 0-12
Ogres Irr Gi (I) 8AP 0-6
Black orc slaves Irr Wb (S) 5AP 0-6
Mortal engines Reg Art (S) cannon 10AP 0-2 2-10
Reg Art (O) rockets 8AP 0-2
Reg Art (F) 10AP 0-2
Reg Art (I) 4AP 0-4
Irr El (C) 18AP 0-1
Hobgoblin bolt throwers Reg Art (O) 8AP 0-6
Daemonic constructs and engines Irr WWg (S) 10AP 0-2 0-8
Irr WWg (E) 12AP 0-2
Irr El (E) 24AP 0-2
Irr Gi (E) 15AP 0-1
Irr Gi (X) 18AP 0-1
Irr Art (E) 9AP 0-2
Irr Aib (O) [Sh] 7AP 0-1
Bull centaurs Reg Kn (O) 12AP 0-4
Bull centaur doom harness Irr Exp (O) 7AP 0-4 0-4
Irr Exp (E) 10AP 0-2
Altar of Hashut Irr Bge (S) 3AP 0-1
Hobgoblin sneaky gits Irr Bd (F) 5AP 0-6

A chaos dwarf general may command all troops except slave rabble, which is beneath their dignity. A hobgoblin general may not command chaos dwarfs or black orcs. All general elements should include at least one chaos dwarf figure, as the general himself, or in rare cases his minder and overseer, is always a chaos dwarf. Art (I) are mostly hand-held rockets, including bazukas. If all bull-centaurs are mounted in wedge on double-element bases, they get all the appropriate benefits due to double-based knights, inluding the reduced cost of the second element.

Daemon constructs and daemon engines are all highly individual, each one a unique engine of destruction.

Dark Elves

Cold. Ag 4. WW, Rv, Rg, M, SS, GS, BUAf.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
Dreadlord C-in-C Reg Bd (S) 29AP 1
Irr El (F) 24AP
Malekith the Witch King, brilliant C-in-C Irr Dr (O) 59AP
Irr El (S) chariot 54AP
Dreadlord sub-general Reg Bd (S) 29AP 1-2 1-3
Irr El (F) 24AP
Hag Queen sub-general Irr Wb (X) 14AP 0-1
Hellfays and witherwitches Irr Mag (S) 12AP 0-2 1-4
Irr Mg (O) 10AP 0-4
Cold one riders Irr El (F) 14AP 0-10
Cold one chariot Irr El (O) chariot 19AP 0-2
Dark riders Reg LH (S) 7AP 0-12 0-12
Reg Cv (O) 8AP 0-8
Black guard and executioners Reg Bd (S) 9AP 0-6
Warriors Reg Sp (O) 5AP 12-24
Reg Sp (F) 5AP
Crossbowmen Reg Bw (S) 6AP 0-18 6-18
Reg Ps (O) 2AP 0-6
City guard Reg Bw (X) 7AP 0-6
Black ark corsairs Reg Bd (F) 6AP 0-12
Shades Reg Ps (S) 3AP 0-10
Repeating bolt throwers Reg Art (O) 8AP 0-4
Witch elves Irr Wb (X) 4AP 0-12
Khainé assassin Irr Wb (H) 6AP 0-2
Blood cauldron Irr Bge (S) 3AP 0-1
Harpies Irr Fl (O) 5AP 0-4
Whelp master animal handlers Irr Wb (F) warhounds 2AP 0-4
War hydra Irr El (S) 24AP 0-2
Only if deploying a Black Ark:
Black Ark defenses Reg Art (O) 8AP 2-6
Enslaved sea dragon Irr Dr (X) 20AP 0-2

The Cold One riders never dismount, unless to defend fortifications. In that case they dismount as Bd (F). Dark riders dismount as Bw (O).

A BUAf may be placed even when aggressive, provided the battlefield has a waterway. This represents the Black Ark, a heavily fortified fully enclosed BUA that can be made to move along waterways, forming either a small island or a promontory. Since it can move, it can be used even if the army is the attacker. It moves too slowly to have movement ability during a battle. Points spent on a Black Ark are lost if the battlefield includes no waterway.

Assassins can always disguise themselves as any other foot.

Demons of Chaos

Cold. Ag 4/1. Rv, M, C, D, SS, GS, Rg.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Av (I) 26AP 1
Sub-general Irr Av (I) 26AP 0-2 1-2
Ally-general Irr Av (I) 21AP 0-2
Harpies or gargoyles Irr Fl (O) 4AP 0-8
Bloodletters of Khorne Irr Wb (E) 6AP 0-20 0-20
Irr Bh (E) 24AP 0-2
Pink horrors of Tzeentch Irr Mg (E) 12AP 0-16
Plaguebearers of Nurgle Irr Bd (E) 9AP 0-16
Daemonettes of Slaanesh Irr Ax (E) 5AP 0-20 0-20
Irr LH (E) 7AP 0-12
Flesh hounds of Khorne Irr Wb (E) warhounds 5AP 0-10
Nurglings Irr Ps (E) 4AP 0-12
Screamers of Tzeentch Irr Fl (E) 9AP 0-8
Fiends of Slaanesh Irr Cv (E) 9AP 0-4
Beasts of Nurgle Irr Bh (E) 24AP 0-2
Flamers of Tzeentch Irr Ps (X) 6AP 0-4
Tzeentch great winged terror Irr Aib (E) [Mg] 11AP 0-1

The aggression factor of daemon armies is usually very low to represent their instability preventing them from venturing forth from the chaos waste. During a chaos storm, aggression instead becomes very high.

A general can command all troops belonging to his own god, and any unaligned troops. The C-in-C (or the general of an allied daemonic contingent) can also command 0-4 elements belonging to each other god. Generals count as sub-generals if they belong to the same god as the C-in-C, ally-generals otherwise.


Cold. Ag 2. Rv, SS, GS, Rg, Rd.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Reg Bd (S) 29AP 1
Sub-generals Reg Bd (S) 29AP 1-3
Bear riders Irr El (I) 6AP 0-3 0-4
Pony riders Reg Cv (I) 6AP 0-3
Warriors Reg Bd (O) 7AP 12-36 12-50
Reg Bd (I) 5AP 0-12
Reg Sp (O) 5AP 0-12
Hammerers and other dwarven elite Reg Bd (S) 9AP 0-12
Crossbowdwarves Reg Bw (O) 5AP 6-20 6-20
Reg Ps (I) 1AP 0-8
Dwarf arquebusiers Reg Sh (I) 5AP 0-16 0-16
Reg Ps (O) 2AP 0-4
Slayers Irr Wb (S) 5AP 0-8
Great anvil and forge master Reg Cl (S) chariot 13AP 0-1
Runesmiths Reg Cl (O) 10AP 0-4
Balloons Irr Aib (I) [Bw] 4AP 0-2
Artillery Reg Art (S) 10AP 0-4 2-10
Reg Art (O) 8AP 2-10
Reg Art (I) 4AP 0-2
Flame thrower teams Reg Ps (X) [can support Bd] 8AP 0-2
Miners with blasting charges Irr Ps (X) 6AP 0-6
Field fortifications TF 2AP Up to 4/miner
Fortifications protecting camp TF 2AP 0-12
Gnome ally-general Reg Ax (O) 14AP 0-1
Irr Mag (O) 15AP
Gnome illusionist Irr Mag (O) 10AP 0-1
Gnomes Reg Ax (I) 3AP * 6-16
Only after 2400:
Gyrocopters Irr Fl (O) 5AP 0-2
Overlord airships Irr Aib (S) [Bw or Sh] 9AP 0-2
Steam juggernaut Irr El (X) 22AP 0-1

Warriors classed as (I) are young and lightly armoured, often lacking shields. Art (I) are organ guns or flame cannon. Minima marked * apply only if any gnomes are used. Gnomes can only be commanded by the C-in-C or by their own general. Note that the great anvil counts as a chariot, and suffers all movement restrictions of same, even though it does not count as mounted.

Empire (2150-)

Cold. Ag 1. WW, Rv, Wd, Rd, E, O, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Reg Kn (S) if imperial 35AP 1
Irr Kn (O) if feudal 20AP
Reg Kn (I) if city or mercenary 30AP
Irr mtd Mag (O) if clerical #AP
Clerical sub-general Irr mtd Mag (O) #AP 0-1
Clerical ally-general Reg Kn (I) 20AP
Irr mtd Mag (O) #AP
City or mercenary ally-general Reg Kn (I) 20AP 0-2
Feudal ally-general Irr Kn (O) 15AP 0-2 0-2
Irr Kn (H) #AP 0-1
Imperial or clerical military orders Reg Kn (S) 15AP 0-6
Imperial reiksgard Reg Bd (S) 9AP 0-4
Imperial or city galleys Reg Gal (S) [Bw] 4AP 0-3
Clerical or mercenary knights Reg Kn (I) 10AP * 6-12
Clerical or city standard wagon Reg Bge (S) #AP 0-1
City mounted burghers Reg Kn (I) 10AP 0-3
City guard halberdiers Reg Bd (O) 7AP * 2-10
City militia crossbowmen Reg Bw (I) 4AP 0-8 * 4-8
Reg Ps (O) 2AP 0-6
City militia spearmen Reg Sp (I) 4AP * 6-18
City, feudal or mercenary sorcerors Irr Mag (O) 14AP 0-1
Feudal knights Irr Kn (O) 10AP * 6-12
Feudal landesturm and heerban Irr Hd (O) 1AP 0-26 0-26
Irr Ps (O) 2AP 0-1/4
Mercenary spearmen Reg Sp (O) 5AP 0-12
Mercenary axemen, swordsmen or halberdiers Reg Bd (O) 7AP 0-12
Mercenary archers and crossbowmen Reg Bw (O) 5AP * 4-12
Reg Ps (O) 2AP
Mercenary adventurers Irr mtd Wb (H) #AP 0-1
Irr mtd Bd (H) #AP
Mercenary ogres Irr Gi (I) 10AP 0-2
Greatship Irr Shp (O) [Bd] 3AP 0-1 0-6
Wolfship Reg Gal (S) [Bd] 4AP 0-3
Wargalley Reg Gal (O) [Bd] 3AP 0-6
Hell-hammers and ironfists Reg Bts (X) [Bw] 6AP 0-1
Halfling allies List: Moot Halflings
Only in 2302-2304:
Change imperial C-in-C to Magnus the Pious Reg Cl (X) 45AP 1
Kislevite allies List: Kislevites
High elf allies List: High elves
Teclis, high elf mage Irr Mag (S) #AP 0-1
Only after 2320:
Feudal or mercenary mounted crossbowmen Reg Cv (O) 8AP * 2-6
Feudal, city or mercenary light guns Reg Art (I) 4AP 0-2
Imperial or city [Altdorf] battle wizards Reg mtd Mag (I) 19AP 0-3
Fleglers Irr Wb (S) 5AP 0-4
Upgrade city militia crossbowmen with pavises Reg Bw (O) 5AP Any
City wagon laager TF 2AP 0-12
Only after 2400:
Engineer`s guild, feudal or city bombards Reg Art (S) 10AP 0-3
Regrade city or mercenary Bw as handgunners Reg Ps (S) 3AP 0-6
Reg Sh (I) #AP
Engineer`s guild or clerical war wagons Reg WWg (O) 10AP 0-6
Only after 2450:
Regrade feudal knight C-in-C Reg Kn (I) 30AP All/0
Regrade feudal knight ally-general Reg Kn (I) 20AP
Regrade feudal knights Reg Kn (I) 10AP
Replace feudal or mercenary crossbow Cv with mounted handgunners Reg Cv (S) 10AP * 1-3
Downgrade any Reg Kn (I) as separately deployed light lancers Reg Cv (O) 8AP 0-6
Regrade city militia spearmen Reg Bd (I) halberdiers 5AP 0-1/4 Any
Reg Pk (O) if Nuln 4AP 0-All
Reg Pk (I) 3AP
Regrade mercenary Sp Reg Pk (O) 4AP All/0
Kislevite allies List: Kislevites
Only after 2475:
Engineer`s guild volley gun Reg Art (I) 4AP 0-2
Regrade mercenary Bd Reg Pk (O) 4AP All/0
Regrade city militia Bd (I) and Pk (I) Reg Pk (S) if Nuln 5AP Any
Reg Pk (O) 4AP
Reg Bd (F) 7AP
Only after 2510:
Engineer`s guild outriders Reg LH (O) 5AP 0-3
Engineer`s guild steam tank Irr Bh (X) 22AP 0-1
Rearm mercenary Reg Kn (I) with pistols Reg Cv (S) 10AP 0-3

An imperial C-in-C is always the emperor. His command can include up to 4 feudal elements and any other elements. A clerical C-in-C or sub-general is always the grand theogonist of Sigmar, and is mounted on a chariot. Only an imperial C-in-C can use a clerical sub-general. A clerical command can include clerical, city, heerban and mercenary elements, and fleglers. A feudal general`s command can include only feudal, heerban and mercenary elements. A city general`s command can include only city, engineer`s guild, heerban and mercenary elements. A mercenary general can command only mercenary elements. Minima marked * apply only if any troops of that origin are used, except up to 4 elements of feudal troops in an imperial command. Many city or mercenary troops are dwarves, especially blades.

Before 2235, any Kn can always dismount as Bd (O). After 2235, all Kn (I) must be in wedge formation mounted on double element bases, and feudal Kn (O) can always dismount as Sp (S). Ps (O) can support Sp or Ax of the same origin.


Cold. Ag 2. WW, Rv, SS, GS, Rg, Wd, M.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
Meargh C-in-C Irr Mg (O) 20AP 1
Sub-general Irr Gi (O) 15AP 1-2 1-2
Irr Gi (H) 23AP 0-1
Fimm warriors Irr Gi (I) 8AP 5-20
Fianna fimm Irr Gi (O) 10AP 0-6
Dirach Irr Mg (I) 8AP 0-3
Daemonic allies Irr Hd (E) 2AP 0-10 0-10
Irr Wb (E) 5AP 0-6

Fimir are one-eyed ogre-sized monsters native to the marshes of Albion. All should be placed two to a base. All daemons must be under the command of the meargh. Daemonic Wb (E) can be replaced during the battle.

Free Companies (2350-)

Allies only, no home terrain.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C ally-general Reg Kn (I) if Empire 20AP 1
Irr Kn (S) if Bretonnian 17AP
Irr Kn (O) if otherwise 15AP
Mercenary sorceror Irr Mag (I) 12AP 0-1
Bretonnian, Border princes or Estalian men-at-arms and sergeants, or Kislevite druzhina Irr Kn (O) 10AP 3-6 3-6
Bretonnian knights Irr Kn (S) 12AP 0-2
Imperial mercenary men-at-arms Reg Kn (I) 10AP 0-2
Crossbowmen Reg Bw (O) 5AP 2-6
Imperial freiforstjäger Irr Bw (S) 5AP 0-4
Bretonnian javelinmen Irr Ps (S) 3AP 0-2
Ogres Irr Gi (I) #AP 0-2
Only after 2465:
Replace C-in-C with Nulner mercenary general Reg Pk (S) #AP * 1
Nulner landsknechtes Reg Pk (S) 5AP * 3-7
Nulner skirmishing crossbowmen Reg Ps (O) 2AP 0-4
Nulner halberdiers Reg Bd (O) 7AP 0-2

These are the bands of old world mercenaries that figure prominently in the wars of Tilea and Bretonnia. The Nulner landsknechtes must always be commanded by a Nulner general. Minima marked * apply if any such troops are taken.

High Elves

Warm. Ag 2. WW, Rv, Wd, O, E, V, Rd, GS.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Reg Kn (S) 35AP 1
Reg Sp (S) 27AP
Reg Bd (S) 29AP
Sub-generals Reg Kn (S) 35AP 0-3 1-3
Reg Kn (F) 31AP 0-2
Reg Sp (S) 27AP 0-2
Reg Bd (S) 29AP 0-2
Elven lords and ladies Irr Mag (S) #AP 1-4 2-10
Irr Mag (H) #AP 0-1
Irr aer Bd (H) #AP 1-3
Irr Kn (H) #AP
Irr Kn (H) if in heavy chariot #AP
Irr Cv (H) #AP
Irr Cv (H) if in light chariot #AP
Irr Cl (X) if princess on unicorn 22AP 0-2
Irr Dr (O) if on dragon 30AP 0-2
Dragon princes Irr Kn (S) 12AP 0-6 0-12
Silver helms Reg Kn (O) 12AP 0-12
Reg Kn (F) 11AP
Ellyrian reavers Reg Cv (O) 8AP 0-6
Reg LH (O) 5AP
Light chariots Irr Cv (O) 6AP 0-3
Archers Reg Bw (S) 7AP 4-12
Spearmen Reg Sp (S) 7AP 4-12
City guard Reg Bw (X) 7AP half 6-24
Reg Bw (S) 7AP half
Sword masters of Hoeth Reg Bd (X) 8AP 0-4
Maiden guard of the Everqueen Reg Pk (F) 4AP 0-4
White lion axemen and Phoenix guard halberdiers Reg Bd (O) 7AP 0-8
Warrior kindreds Irr Bw (O) 4AP 0-10
Shadow warriors Reg Ps (O) 2AP 0-4
Marine repeater bolt-batteries Reg Art (O) 8AP 0-4
Dragonship Irr Gal (S) [Bw] 3AP 0-1 0-8
Eagleship Irr Shp (F) [Bw] 3AP 1-3
Hawkship Irr Gal (F) [Bw] 2AP 1-4

This represents the high elf armies from the reforms of Tethlis the Slayer, at about -800 imperial. It is a powerful elite army, but lacks light troops and will always be heavily outnumbered. All knights dismount as Sp (S), except that Kn (S) can also dismount as Bd (S). The phoenix guard and the white lions will always be commanded by the phoenix king, should he be the C-in-C. If the phoenix king is present and fights as a Bd (S), he should be accompanied on the base by members of his white lion bodyguard. The Bw (X) was first implemented by the city guard of Lothern, and is always double-based. The maiden guard may only be used with the Everqueen, who is an Irr Mag (S).


Cold. Ag 2. Rv, GS, Rd, E, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Reg Kn (F) 31AP 1
Irr mtd Mag (S) if the tzarina #AP
Sub-general Reg Kn (F) 31AP 1-2 1-2
Irr Kn (O) 20AP 0-1
Tartar ally-general Reg Cv (S) 20AP 0-1
Irr Cv (H) #AP
Ice mages Irr Mag (I) #AP 0-3
Druzhina Irr Kn (O) 10AP 0-4
Winged lancers Reg Kn (F) 11AP 4-12
Cuman cavalry Irr LH (F) 4AP 3-4
Axmen Irr Bd (O) 5AP 6-18
Crossbowmen Irr Bw (O) 4AP 0-12
Tartar shamen Irr Mag (I) #AP 0-2
Tartar heavy cavalry Reg Cv (S) 10AP 0-3 ** 2-6
Reg Cv (O) 8AP 1-6
Tartar light cavalry Reg LH (S) 7AP ** 4-16
Tartar tribesmen Irr Wb (F) 4AP 0-4
Imperial allies List: Empire
Only when fighting Chaos or Chaos Dwarves:
Upgrade tartar ally-general to sub-general Reg Cv (S) 30AP 0-1
Irr Cv (H) #AP

The ``tartars`` in the list represent a large number of different tribes living on the great steppes east of Kislev, just south of the Chaos Wastes. They are staunch foes against chaos, and are always allied with Kislev against chaotics. They can only be commanded by the C-in-C or by their own general, who may command nothing else. The druzhina are feudal knights and nobles. An allied contingent must choose one and only one of the two ally-generals marked *. A Kislevite allied contingent need not include any infantry after 2450. The minima marked ** apply only if any tartars are used. If an allied contingent is led by a tartar general, only tartars may be used, and no other minima apply.

Lizardmen and Slann

Tropical. Ag 1. WW, Rv, Wd, M, GS, Rd, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
Slann C-in-C Irr Mag (S) #AP 1
Sub-generals Irr El (S) #AP 0-2 1-3
Irr El (O) #AP
Irr Wb (S) 15AP 0-2
Reg Bd (O) 27AP
Irr Mag (S) if slann #AP 0-2
Cold one riders Irr Br (S) 11AP 0-8
Gigantic jungle lizards Irr El (S) 20AP 0-6 0-6
Irr El (O) 16AP
Irr El (X) 22AP 0-4
Skink shamen Irr Mag (I) 10AP 0-3
Lizardman saurus warriors Irr Wb (S) 5AP 0/All 16-36
Reg Bd (I) 5AP 0/All
Skink warriors Irr Hd (S) 2AP 0-20
Skink blowgunners Irr Ps (X) 8AP 0-6
Skink archers Irr Ps (O) 2AP 8-36
Irr Bw (I) 3AP
Skink javelineers with shields Irr Ax (S) 4AP 0-12 8-18
Irr Ps (S) 3AP
Skink javelineers Irr Ax (I) 2AP 0-12
Irr Ps (I) 1AP
Animal handlers Irr Wb (F) warhounds 8AP 0-6 0-12
Irr Hd (F) swarms 1AP 0-10
Irr Hd (I) lobotomised humans 0,5AP
War altar, or mummified slann mage on litter Reg Bge (S) #AP 0-1
Kroxigor Irr Gi (I) 10AP 0-6 0-6
Irr Gi (O) if with skink followers 12AP 0-4
Pygmy allies List: Pygmies

Weapons are mostly clubs of hardwood and obsidian, spears and blowguns. Skinks are smaller and more agile lizardmen, kroxigor are even larger and more brutal than the common variety. For a behemoth to qualify as (S) it should have extra runners on the base, or extra crew in the howdah.

Lustrian Amazons

Tropical. Ag 2. WW, Rv, Wd, M, GS, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Reg Bw (S) 27AP 1
Reg Ax (S) 25AP
Reg Bd (F) 27AP
Sub-generals Reg Bw (S) 27AP 1-2
Reg Ax (S) 25AP
Reg Bd (F) 27AP
Rigg Irr Av (I) #AP 0-1
Priestesses of Rigg Irr Mag (O) #AP 1-3
Queen`s bodyguard Reg Bw (O) 5AP 0-6
Reg Bd (F) 7AP
Nobles Reg Ax (S) #AP 0-10
Reg Bd (F) #AP
Koka-kalim amazons Irr Wb (F) 3AP 6-18
Amazons Irr Bw (I) 3AP 6-36 16-45
Irr Ps (O) 2AP
Irr Bd (F) 5AP 6-36
Tribesmen Irr Ps (I) 1AP 0-8 0-12
Irr Ax (I) 2AP
Irr Hd (F) 1AP 0-12
Large dugouts Irr Bts (O) [Bd] 2AP 0-6
Pygmy allies List: Pygmies

The Lustrian amazons originated as disgruntled norse women, and now live in the tropical jungles of the Cadiz Basin. They are rather few, and numbers are probably inflated as is. The koka-kalim are fanatical holy warriors, crazed on the holy koka-leaf and insensitive to pain. They often fight semi-nude.

Moot Halflings

Cold. Ag 0. Rv, Wd, Rd, E, O, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Ax (S) 14AP 1
Sub-general Irr Ax (S) 14AP 1-2
Halfling wizard Irr Mag (I) 10AP 0-2
Spearmen Irr Ax (O) 3AP 24-120
Archers and slingers Irr Ps (O) 2AP 2-16 6-24
Irr Bw (I) 2-16 3AP
Cooks and baggage guards Irr Hd (S) 2AP 4-6
Halfling hot pot, flaming pigs or other lunch-based improvised weapons Reg Art (X) 4AP 0-4
Wagon laager or fortifications to protect camp and cooks TF 2AP 8-12
Imperial allies List: Empire
Only after 2475:
Rearm archers as handgunners Irr Ps (S) 3AP 0-6

Each element of baggage should have an element of baggage guards in close proximity.

Norsca Raider and Leidang

Cold. Norsca raider --- Ag 4, Norsca leidang --- Ag 1. WW, Rv, C, M, SS, Rg, Wd, Rd, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Bd (O) 15AP 1
Sub-general Irr Bd (O) 15AP 1-2 1-2
Runepriests Irr Mag (O) #AP 0-2 1-4
Irr Mag (I) #AP 0-2
Huscarles Irr Bd (O) 5AP 8-20
Berserkers Irr Wb (S) 5AP 0-6
Ulfwerenar (werewolves and other skinchangers) Irr Wb (H) warhounds #AP 0-4
Scouts Irr Ps (S) 3AP 0-3
Irr Ps (O) 2AP
Mounted scouts Irr Cv (I) 5AP 0-2
Longships Irr Bts (S) [Bd] 3AP 0-8
Only Raider:
Raiders Irr Bd (F) 5AP 22-80
Archers Irr Bw (O) 4AP 0-6
Irr Ps (O) [can support Bd] 2AP
Horses to mount all foot +mtd 1AP All/0
Dark elf allies List: Dark elves
Only Leidang:
Upgrade generals on war mammoths Irr El (S) 30AP Any
Upgrade mounted scouts Irr Kn (F) 9AP All/0
Bondi Irr Bd (I) 4AP 16-72
Bondi archers Irr Ps (O) 2AP 0-12 5-22
Irr Bw (O) 4AP 0-16
Thralls and levy dregs Irr Hd (O) 1AP 0-8
Norse dwarf ally-general Reg Bd (S) 19AP 0-1
Norse dwarfs Irr Bd (O) 5AP * 5-25
Norse crossbowdwarfs Irr Bw (O) 4AP 0-8
Norse dwarf berserkers and trollslayers Irr Wb (S) 5AP 0-8

This list covers both the raiding parties that all neighbours of the Norscans periodically suffer from, and the leidang armies that defend Norsca itself against chaos. Minima marked * apply if any dwarfs are used. Dwarfs can only be commanded by the C-in-C or by a dwarf general, who can only command dwarfs. A raider army will ally with almost anything. A leidang army will never ally with chaos, nor with chaos dwarfs or orks if any norse dwarfs are used.

Old World Undead

Cold. Ag 3. WW, Rv, GS, SS, E, O, Wd, M, Rg, Rd, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Mag (O) if necromancer #AP 1
Irr Bd (H) if vampire #AP
Sub-generals Irr Bd (E) if wight 17AP 1-2
Irr Mag (O) #AP
Irr Bd (H) if vampire #AP
Death riders Irr Cv (C) #AP 0-16 4-16
Irr Kn (C) #AP 0-4
Undead giants, beasts and/or dragons Irr Gi (C) #AP 0-2
Irr Bh (C) #AP
All 'dem zombies Irr Hd (C) #AP 6-60
Undead archers and/or crossbowmen Irr Bw (C) #AP 0-16
Undead reapers and swordsmen Irr Bd (C) #AP 4-16
Undead spearmen Irr Sp (C) #AP 0-16
Ghouls Irr Wb (F) 3AP 0-20
Wights Irr Bd (E) #AP 0-4
Carrion Irr Fl (E) #AP 0-3
Spectres, ghosts or wraiths Irr Exp (E) #AP 0-6
Undead allies List: Undead Kingdoms
Only if Necromancer C-in-C:
Necromancers Irr Mag (O) #AP 0-2
Mummies bought from Araby Irr Bd (E) #AP 0-1
Plague cart Irr Bge (S) #AP 0-2
Screaming skull thrower Reg Art (E) #AP 0-2
Skaven allies List: Skaven
Only if Vampire C-in-C:
Lesser vampires Irr Bd (H) #AP 0-2
Minor necromancers Irr Mag (I) #AP 0-2
Vampire wannabees Irr Hd (S) 2AP 0-2
Hordes of wolves Irr Wb (F) warhounds 2AP 0-8
Hordes of vampire bats Irr Fl (I) #AP 0-6
Feudal allies List: Empire
Only after 2450:
Skeletal arquebusiers Irr Sh (C) #AP 0-3
Skeletal pikes Irr Pk (C) #AP 0-12

The troops may contain any mix of skeletons and/or zombies, depending on how freshly undead they are. Ethereal undead has been classed as Ax (E) to make them ignore terrain, but other interpretations are certainly possible.

Orks and Goblins

Warm. Ag 4. DH, CH, RH, SH, SF, RF, Wd, Rv.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
Ork C-in-C Irr Wb (S) 15AP 1
Irr Kn (I) on boar 18AP
Irr Cv (O) chariot 16AP
Night goblin C-in-C Irr Sp (I) 13AP
Irr Bw (O) 14AP
Ork sub-general if ork C-in-C Irr Wb (S) 15AP 0-1
Irr Kn (I) on boar 18AP
Irr Cv (O) chariot 16AP
Night goblin sub-general if night goblin C-in-C Irr Sp (I) 13AP
Irr Bw (O) 14AP
Ork Ally-general Irr Wb (S) 10AP 0-2 1-2
Irr Kn (I) on boar 13AP
Irr Cv (O) chariot 11AP
Goblin ally-general Irr Ax (O) 8AP 0-1
Irr Cv (F) 11AP
Irr Cv (O) chariot 11AP
Night goblin ally-general Irr Sp (I) 8AP 0-2
Irr Cv (O) chariot 11AP
Irr Bw (O) 9AP
Forest goblin ally-general Irr El (O) spider 21AP 0-1
Irr Cm (S) spider 13AP
Mork or Gork Irr Av (O) 20AP 0-1
Shaman Irr Mag (O) 10AP 0-2 0-4
Irr Mag (I) 8AP 0-4
Ork or savage ork boyz Irr Wb (O) 3AP 12-60
Goblin wulfboyz Irr Cv (F) 6AP 0-12 4-16
Irr LH (F) 4AP 0-12
Forest goblin spider riders Irr Cm (O) 5AP 0-12
Ork or savage ork arrers Irr Bw (O) 4AP 0-20 12-60
Goblin or night goblin arrers Irr Bw (I) 3AP 0-60
Irr Ps (O) [can support Sp or Ax] 2AP 0-8
Goblin warriors Irr Hd (O) 1AP 6-60 10-60
Irr Sp (I) 3AP 0-6
Irr Ax (I) 2AP 0-40
Irr Ax (O) 3AP 0-6
Irr Ps (I) 1AP 0-20
Night goblin warriors Irr Sp (I) 3AP 0-40
Irr Ps (I) 1AP 0-20
Ork or savage ork boar boyz Irr Kn (I) 8AP 0-12
Ork or savage ork biguns, or black orks Irr Wb (S) 5AP 0-12 0-12
Irr Kn (O) 10AP 0-4
Ork or goblin chariots Irr Cv (O) chariot 6AP 0-4
Irr Exp (O) 8AP
Goblin and night goblin fanatics Irr Exp (O) 8AP 0/All 0-6
Irr Art (X) 3AP 0/All
Night goblin squig herders and hoppers Irr Art (X) 3AP 0-12
Goblin spear chukka Reg Art (O) 8AP 0-6
Snotlings Irr Hd (I) 0,5AP 0-12
Hungry trolls Irr Gi (I) 8AP 0-8
Snotling pump wagons Irr Exp (O) 8AP 0-2
Snotling bat riders Irr Fl (I) 4AP 0-2
Goblin rock lobber Reg Art (S) 10AP 0-2 0-4
Goblin doom divers Reg Art (O) 8AP 0-2
Goblin organ gun Reg Art (I) 4AP 0-2
Forest goblin arachnarok spider Irr El (S) 20AP 0-2
Irr El (X) 22AP
Giants Irr Gi (S) 12AP 0-2
Irr Gi (O) 10AP
Only in 1705-1712
Orc brilliant C-in-C Gorbad Ironclaw Irr Kn (I) on boar 18AP 0-1
Only in 2420-2424
Goblin brilliant C-in-C Grom the Paunch Irr Cv (O) chariot 41AP 0-1
Only after 2470
Night goblin brilliant C-in-C Skarsnik Eight Peaks Irr Sp (I) 38AP 0-1
Goblin arquebusiers Irr Sh (I) 4AP 0-4
Irr Ps (S) 3AP
Only in 2512-2515
Orc C-in-C Azhag the Slaughterer Irr aer Mg (S) 24AP 0-1

The C-in-C is always an ork, savage ork, night goblin, or a specific named historical general. The C-in-C can command any troops, including black orcs. Other generals can command snotlings, ordinary goblins and mercenaries, any number of troops of their own sub-race, and up to 4 elements from each specific other sub-race. The sub-races are orcs, savage orcs, night goblins, and forest goblins.


Tropical. Ag 0. WW, Rv, Wd, M, Rd, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Ax (O) 13AP 1
Irr Bw (I) 13AP
Sub-general Irr Ax (O) 13AP 0-1
Irr Bw (I) 13AP
Ally-general Irr Ax (O) 8AP 1-2
Irr Bw (I) 8AP
Shaman Irr Mag (I) #AP 0-3
Impis Irr Ax (O) 3AP 0-6
Warriors Irr Ax (I) 2AP 18-50
Irr Ps (I) 1AP
Braves Irr Bw (I) 3AP 40-108
Spearmen Irr Ps (O) 2AP 0-12
Blowpipe men Irr Ps (X) 8AP 0-10
Canoes Irr Bts (I) [Bw] 1AP 0-6
Slann allies List: Slann

Loosely based on the Amazonian list (DBM bk4, \#72), but with greater emphasis on close combat. The pygmies of Lustria fight only as allies of the Slann, and for self-defense. Weapons include hardwood clubs, spears and blowpipes, combined with lots of archery.


Warm. Ag 3. M, WW, Rv, Rg, Rd, Wd, GS.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Bd (F) 15AP 1
Sub-general Irr Bd (F) 15AP 0-1
Irr Wb (F) 13AP
Ally-generals Irr Bd (F) 10AP 1-2
Irr Wb (F) 8AP
Vermin lord Irr Av (E) 28AP 0-1
Grey seers Irr Mag (O) 12AP 0-2
Black skaven clanrats and stormvermin Irr Bd (F) 5AP 6-18
Irr Wb (S) 5AP
Clanrat warriors Irr Wb (F) 3AP 16-100
Skavenslaves Hd (O) 1AP 0-20 6-50
Irr Hd (I) 0,5AP 0-50
Skavenslave slingers Irr Ps (I) 1AP 0-10
Doombell Irr WWg (O) 8AP 0-1
Upgrade clan Eshin clanrats with assassins Irr Wb (H) 7AP 0-2
Clan Eshin gutter runners Irr Ps (O) 2AP 0-12
Clan Pestilens plague censer bearers Irr Exp (O) #AP 0/All 0-6
Irr Art (X) #AP 0/All
Clan Pestilens plague monks Irr Wb (S) 5AP 0-12
Clan Moulder beastmasters Irr Wb (F) warhounds 2AP 0-8 0-10
Irr Hd (F) if giant rats 1AP 0-8
Irr Gi (I) if rat-ogres #AP 0-4
Warlocks Irr Mag (I) #AP 0-4 0-4
Clan Skryre warlocks Irr Mag (O) #AP 0-2
Clan Skryre warpfire-throwers and/or poison globadiers Irr Ps (X) 8AP 0-6
Doombringer Reg Shp [Wb] (I) 3AP 0-1 0-5
Warp-raider Reg Gal [Wb] (F) 3AP 0-3
Clan Pestilens deathburner Reg Gal (X) [Wb] 3AP 0-3
Chaos allies List: Chaos Raiders
Undead allies List: Old World Undead
Only after 2400:
Clan Skryre jezzailachis Reg Art (I) 4AP 0/All 0-3
Reg Sh (O) #AP 0/All
Clan Skryre doomwheel Irr El (X) 22AP 0-2

The C-in-C can command up to two clan-specific elements from each clan. A sub-general may also command up to 2 elements of each clan. Any other clan-specific troops must be collected under a general of that clan. The requirement for double bases exists to give the rats the proper feeling of companionship, without which their morale would rapidly crumble. The doomwheel should be supported by a pack or two of giant rats. Minima marked * only apply if troops from that clan are used.

Tilean Condotta

Warm. Ag 1. WW, SS, GS, Rg, M, Rv, Rd, V, O, E, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Reg Kn (S) 35AP 1
Condottieri sub-general Reg Kn (S) 35AP 0-2
Condottieri Reg Kn (O) 12AP 10-15
Ducal knights Reg Kn (S) 15AP 0-2
Mounted crossbowmen Reg LH (I) 3AP 0-8
Wizards drafted into battle Irr Mag (I) #AP 0-2
Carroccio standard on ox-wagon Irr Bge (S) #AP * 1
Militia crossbowmen Reg Ps (O) 2AP 0-6
Militia spears Reg Sp (I) 4AP * 2-6
Militia pavisiers and crossbowmen Reg Bw (X) 7AP * 4-10
Mercenary crossbowmen Reg Bw (O) 5AP 0-8
Bombard Reg Art (S) 10AP 0-3 0-4
Organ gun Reg Art (I) 4AP 0-2
Pioneers Irr Hd (O) 1AP 0-4
Field defences TF 2AP up to 3/pioneer
Border princes allies List: Border Princes
Old worlder mercenary allies List: Free Companies
Only after 2400:
Mercenary pikes Reg Pk (O) 4AP 0-8
Mercenary billmen Reg Bd (O) 7AP 0-2
Rearm militia spears with pikes Reg Pk (I) 3AP 0/all
Only after 2450:
Estalian mercenary sword-and-buckler men Reg Bd (F) 7AP 0-4
Handgunners Reg Ps (S) 3AP 0-6
Archers Reg Ps (O) 2AP 0-6

This list is mainly based on the Italian Condotta (DBM bk4, p58), as the information on Tilean armies is sketchy at best. Tilean wars are fought with mercenaries and spies, for reasons of honour or gold. Warfare is very "scientific", with little admiration for individual bravery or bloodshed. This is in no small part due to the mercenaries' natural wish to be able to enjoy their loot while still alive. While Machiavelli's claims that certain Italian battles were entirely without casualties were pure propaganda, many Tilean battles have indeed been entirely bloodless as the opposing mercenaries decided the winner by maneuvre and lottery. On the other hand, unscrupulous warlords have allied themselves with chaos, undead or skaven to win a decisive battle, after which they killed anyone who knew of their perfidy. Such behaviour also saves on mercenary wages.

The artillery is most often dwarven mercenaries. Minima marked * apply only if militia is used.

Undead Kingdoms

Dry. Ag 2. E, D, GS, O, Rg, Rd, BUA.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Irr Bd (E) if mummy or wight #AP 1
Irr Kn (E) if wight #AP
Irr mtd Mag (S) if liche #AP
Sub-generals Irr Bd (E) if mummy or wight #AP 1-2
Irr Kn (E) if wight #AP
Irr mtd Mag (S) if liche #AP
Nagash, lord of the undead Irr Av (I) 25AP 0-1
Minor liches Irr Mag (I) 10AP 0-3
Undead beasts and dragons Irr El (E) #AP 0-4 0-4
Irr El (C) #AP
Irr Dr (E) #AP 0-1
Irr Dr (C) #AP
Chariots Irr Cv (C) #AP 4-18 4-18
Chariots with extra mummy or wight Irr Kn (E) #AP 0-6
Stampeding skeletal cattle or scythed chariots Irr Exp (E) #AP 0-4
Skeleton warriors Irr Sp (C) #AP 0-15 8-30
Irr Hd (C) #AP 4-30
Skeleton archers Irr Bw (C) #AP 6-16
Skeleton axemen Irr Bd (C) #AP 0-8
Screaming skull thrower Reg Art (E) #AP 0-4
Carrion Irr Fl (E) #AP 0-6
Mummies and wights Irr Bd (E) #AP 0-8
Spectres, ghosts or wraiths Irr Exp (E) #AP 0/all 0-6
Irr Ax (E) #AP 0/all
Undead allies List: Old World Undead

These are the armies of the Undead Kingdoms south of Araby, and of Nagashizzar. The organisation is basically the same as it always was, with the greater part of the army archers, spearmen and chariots. Since these armies are thousands of years old, few zombies should be used. The hordes are skeletons so damaged over the years that they have lost the ability to fight according to their training. At least half of the figures on each base of hordes should be armed with spear or axe, and the rest may be armed with any old thing. Of the axemen, an occasional figure may be armed with the more modern reaper. The mummies, wights and ethereal undead were nobles, and may be armed and armoured as befits their station.

Wood Elves

Warm. Ag 1. Wd, Rv, O, V, E, GS, Rd.

Troop Classification AP Total Stands
C-in-C Reg Bw (S) 27AP 1
Reg Cv (S) 30AP
Sub-generals Reg Bw (S) 27AP 1-3
Reg Ax (S) 25AP
Reg Cv (S) 30AP
Orion and Ariel Irr Av (I) #AP 0-2
Elven lords and wood riders Irr Cv (S) 9AP 4-12
Irr LH (S) 7AP
Unicorn rider Irr Cl (X) #AP 0-1
Spellsingers Irr Mag (O) #AP 0-3 1-3
Irr Mag (S) #AP 0-2
Archers Irr Bw (S) 5AP 10-30 10-30
Irr Bw (O) 4AP 0-20
Elven guards Reg Bw (S) 7AP 0-12
Wardancers Irr Ax (H) #AP 0-8
Warrior kinbands and glade guards Irr Ax (S) 4AP 10-30
Irr Pk (F) #AP
Glade runner scouts Reg Ps (S) 3AP 0-6
Beastmasters Irr Wb (S) warhounds (bears) 4AP 0-4 0-6
Irr Wb (F) warhounds (cats) 2AP 0-4
Irr Exp (O) stampeding boars 2AP 0-4
Giant eagles Irr Fl (S) #AP 0-2 0-4
Irr Fl (O) #AP 0-4
Irr Fl (H) #AP 0-1
Treemen Irr Gi (S) #AP 0/all 0-3
Irr Gi (E) #AP 0/all
Dryads or other wood spirits or elementals Irr Ax (E) #AP 0-4
Plashed wood edge surrounding ambush TF 2AP 0-8

The option to make treemen Gi (E) exists because the new Citadel treemen looks more like wood elementals than any living being. It also fits well with the dryads.