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Note: In the Living Greyhawk Gazettteer, Cyndor is described as an Oerdan god, but also as the servant of Lendor (the cheif Suel god). In my campaign I have resolved this by making Cyndor mainly a Suel god, but one some Oerdians feel is an Oerdian god.

Cyndor is a Suel god, servant of Lendor and charged by him to rule over time, Cyndor is too obscure for the modern world and barely remembered. He is mainly know to sages and wizards, some of whom give him worship.

Cyndor (SIN-dohr) has three duties: meditate upon how manipulating time-space alters the universe, record the actions of every creature on Oerth in his Perpetual Libram, and guard the time-stream from powerful beings that might alter it to their advantage. He endorses the concept of predestination, although his perspective differs from that of Istus or even his sometime ally (and superior) Lendor. He is shown as a towering manform with no features and block-like limbs of terrible strength, representing the unknowable and inevitable advance of time. His symbol is a rounded hourglass of black and white set on its side, much like the symbol for infinity.

Time is not a static thing, but rather something liquid that stretches from the forgotten past to the present and into the distant future. Events of the past cause events in the present, which have consequences that last far beyond the lifetimes of their progenitors. There is no need to worry about the choices one makes in life, for all actions are determined and your fate is set based upon those choices. Augury is useful only as a moral balm to allow realization and acceptance of one's place in the stream of life.

Clerics of Cyndor converge near sites of pending importance or disruptions in the time-flow. They study old lore to plot the course of history and learn the future, and many work as advisers or seers. They debunk charlatan fortune-tellers and other false prophets. They travel with people whom they perceive will have interesting futures.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Weapon: Sling

Pathfinder Domains

Artifice (Toil), Destruction, Knowledge (Memory), Magic (Divine), Repose (Ancestors).

Pathfinder Traits

Action Domains

Life, Order, Space, Spiritual, Time.